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THIS WAIVER AND RELEASE OF RESPONSIBILITY  and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF FORTHCOMING PERMANENT TATTOO (“Artwork”) to __________, henceforth known as, “INKEE” made this ____ day of _______, 20___ between employed artist of LATE NIGHT INK, INC., “INKER”; and whereby, INKER are holders of hand-held tattoo machine[1] (“INSTRUMENT”) that will distribute the color contents[2] of INKEE’s desired choice of ink[3] into pre-agreed upon form[4], known as the Artwork.

Whereby INKER affirms that INKEE is the rightful owner of (BODY PART and/or LOCALE of EXECUTED ARTWORK), “SITE,” (as provided in photo of SITE pre-execution of forthcoming rendering), attached herein as Exhibit A; and INKEE grants INKER access to SITE to execute desired ARTWORK for a duration of time not to exceed the likely altered state[5] of INKEE[6].

INKEE hereby acknowledges that all ARTWORK is deemed permanent[7] and that ARTWORK will not be able to be removed unless done by a laser[8] and/or covered up by a subsequent piece of ARTWORK depicting that of “bare skin,” which is at a high risk to be outside the ROYGBIV color combination, thus correct pigmentation of the INKEE.

INKEE hereby   affirms   that, if no visual depiction of conceived ARTWORK was proffered, INKER has received at least a verbal recitation of wanted ARTWORK, and INKEE hereby relinquishes from INKER any and all potential criticism, critique, chastising, and/or unsatisfactory review of any kind on any and all kinds of media and/or social media platforms.

INKEE understands that if the ARTWORK is deemed unsatisfactory, that it was the INKEE’s sole choice and responsibility to enter INKER’s establishment and procure subject ARTWORK[9].

WITNESS the following signatures and seals:

_______________________                                      State/Commonwealth       ____________

Printed Name of INKEE

___________________                                                   City/County of                       ____________


Printed Name of INKER





The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _____ day of


____________, ___________ by        ____________________________



Notary Public (Print Name)       _____________________

Notary Public (Signature)           _____________________


Notary Registration Number:    _____________________

My Commission Expires:          _____________________




[1] Also known as “pen,” “iron,” “gun” and/or in the case of tattoos received while incarceration, any combination of heated “tape,” “ballpoint pen,” “lighter,” “scissors,” “battery,” “small appliance motor,” “guitar string” and/or “paper clips.”

[2] Color contents are limited to the hues of the rainbow, commonly known via acronym ROYGBIV (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet) and any colors and/or combinations that are created outside of ROYGBIV are up to the sole interpretation and artistic expression of the INKER.

[3] Industrial strength colors suitable for printers’ ink or automobile paint

[4] Under the “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Doctrine,” the INKEE is solely responsible for the manifestation of proposed Artwork, whether conveyed to INKER verbally, non-verbally, telepathically, and/or asleep through a vehicular dream.

[5] Altered states include, but not limited to, those achieved by: alcohol, any drug taken within the Schedule 1 – 5 category, any kind of episode that could be perceived as manic and/or depressed by an unlicensed medical professional, i.e. medical student or a holder of a trade license (plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc.), or any mental illness and/or personality disorder that an INKEE has either self-prescribed or has been prescribed by a family member, friend, or co-worker.

[6] Any ARTWORK initiated within (3) hours and not completed under the local ordinance’s mandatory time for the cessation of alcohol sales, will receive a 15 percent discount upon completion.

[7] Lasting, enduring, indefinite, continuing, “will be there tomorrow and the next day,” persistent, genial but chronic, thusly, like a child but will never leave the home.

[8] To the best of its knowledge LATE NIGHT INK, INC. understands that the lasers used in tattoo removal are akin to the same lasers fired by the Millennium Falcon.

[9] In an effort of good faith in keeping customer relations amicable within the community, INKER would like to offer the contact to their Officer of Quality Assurance where any disgruntled INKEE is free and able to file a grievance, attached herein as Exhibit B.

Mikael Johnson

Mikael Johnson is a writer, performer and paralegal. He once hit (2) home-runs in a game while playing baseball in Europe—he may have “flipped” his bat after hitting the second one.

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