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The founding tongues of craggy isles,

Those of Celtic clans,

Bestowed the names of place that end

With -hill, -combe, -shire, & -land.



Roman legions brought their terms

And alphabet besides,

But the colonizers’ speech lost hold

Despite its bona fides.



From Viking ships came mystic words

Like reindeer, sky, & thrall,

And tragic words invaders lend:

Anger, slaughter, dirt & crawl.



Next the Anglo-Saxon wave,

A pounding German hammer.

Their verbs say: Sit & Drink & Learn

While leaving us their grammar.



The Normans—just like all the French—

Were gluttonous & sultry.

Pig turned to pork & cow to beef,

While chicken became poultry.



A lesson of inheritance

For any English poet:

Millennia of mouths conspired

To tweak & stretch & peel & sow it.

David Leipziger

David once performed a feminist rap version of "Gaston" from Disney's Beauty and the Beast on a soccer field in DC. Today he lives in London and searches for a wilting rose. (Not the flower but the eligible British viscount, Sir Wilting Rose).

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