news in reverse header

news in reverse header

Have you ever listened to the news in reverse?

This morning

I turned on Up First

like I do every morning

except yesterday.


I heard about Brian Kemp defeating David Purdue

in a blowout;

then I listened to yesterday’s news

when Purdue held on

by a wing and Trump bombast.


I heard about the second-deadliest school shooting,

surpassing Columbine,


and countless others.

(Sandy Hook remains the deadliest)


In hushed NPR tones with pregnant pauses

the anchor expressed the facts.

Waking up with her for as long as I have

I know she feels the same way I do;

(the same way most of us do)


Yesterday’s news covered war and tense politics.

Nevertheless, there was optimism:

because 19 children and 2 adults

Carried on about their day,

never knowing they would be today’s ghastly headline.


Jillian Conochan

Jillian Conochan is a professional amateur; writing and editing just happen to be two current pursuits. Opinion range: strong to DNGAF.

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