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This new year,

I am hopeful.

I hope the rainforests will propagate

and the ancient tribes

who once lived there

will be safe again.

I hope the forests create oxygen

and winds blow

in the four directions.

I hope the winds are gentle enough

to feel on bare skin and

for birds to glide on.

Winds calm enough

so wildfires don’t continue to spread.

I am hopeful there will be no wildfires,

but if there are,

they should burn forests,

not homes.

Eventually, plants will begin

to poke out of blackened soil,

and the forest will begin anew.

I hope there are rains

to soak this fertile ground.

I hope that water is plentiful,

and clean,

for all who thirst.

In this new year

I hope food is bountiful

and accessible.

Bellies should be full before sleep

in every bed, mat, or hammock.

There should be homes

for all people to live in,

with four walls

and a roof,

and dignity.

This year I want the Earth

to continue turning,

the planets to revolve,

and the sun to send its

brilliant rays upon us.

But most of all,

I hope for peace.

Melanie Civin Kenion

Melanie Civin Kenion is spending her retirement writing poetry, traveling as much as possible, and playing Rummikub with her grandson.

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