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Love’s like a rollercoaster.

Approaching the great ride,

You try ten times a Pater Noster;

Your heart has skipped ten times and died.


For things you’ve heard or seen

Of people falling, dying,

And everything quite in-between—

You’re strapped in fast and off sent flying!


Why, joy replaces fear

As you ride to the top!

Such joy you’re grinning ear to ear,

Such joy your awful doubts just stop.


Though swings the car so wild,

Though rocks the car so rough,

You’ve never felt so like a child;

You don’t think you can have enough!


And just like Love, too quick

It ends. It left you shook,

Your budget bust, and your heart sick;

But wistful back at it you’ll look!


Keven Balderas

Keven obsesses, nearly to the point of madness, over a new interest every two years. So far, his interests have included Latin, drawing, skateboarding and photography.

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