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Netflix or pushups?

And why doesn’t this bed just make itself?

The trees out my window are so much better behaved

Always clean, always green

I catch my eye in the dresser mirror

A man in a box, in a box

I should really wash those sheets


Maybe I’ll sit in a new part of the house

I never noticed that pattern on the rug before

Is the wifi slowing down, or is it just me?

Another kind of traffic jam

Eking out connection through a wire in a tube

Don’t I have a tent somewhere?


It’s been a long one today

Whatever day it actually is

Flursday, I think

Compulsively looking through the fridge

My screen glows

My heart hurts

My eyes are sore

I miss being hugged

I should stop drinking coffee again

And we’re out of bananas for the fifth time


Earth has to told us to go to our room

Think about what we’ve done

Well I’ve thought about it

And it’s bullshit

What a waste

I wish my neighbors couldn’t hear me scream

And why don’t I have a dog?

Oh wait, that’s why


Maybe I’ll just take a long bath

To wash it all away

It’s good ionization or something


I don’t even have anymore soap

Should I go to the store….


Netflix it is.

Seth Monk

Seth Monk is a former Buddhist monk and energy healer living in the Boston area. He is CEO and Founder of Spirit Monkeys, an organization that runs global transformational retreats.

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