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“I don’t acknowledge your existence in my universe.”

Yes, I have said this phrase to people. And despite the snarky, condescending, and slightly flippant nature of the statement, we all have our own universe and when operating in your universe, your desire to acknowledge the existence of others in that universe is key.

My space is mine. It is uniquely and infinitely mine. I am not being selfish. I am not being offensive. I am recognizing that I am an astronaut in my own personal voyage, and my voyages are uniquely mine.

However, I realized at an early age many people would insert themselves into my space, my galaxy, my universe. They would do so because, regardless of the matter, they believed their presence in my universe was necessary. They believed in order for me to successfully achieve my exploration, in my galaxy in my universe, I somehow required their existence.

So, in an effort to let people know they are important but not necessary in my universe (at that time), I took command of my voyage. As the Captain of my Soul, I realized early the importance of finding ways of letting people know the voyages I take are uniquely mine. Only I can determine the worlds I explore and the importance of discoveries in my universe.

As a self-professed geek, I would, on occasion, correct that assumption. So, when I was younger, I would use the phrase “I don’t acknowledge your existence in my universe” as an attempt to prevent their incursion in my space.

I can see how someone can view this statement as being arrogant. As projecting an air of supremacy, to which no one could even possibly compare.

Arrogance was not my intention. I did not intend to discourage valued and needed assistance. I did not intend to create the impression of me being an ‘all knowing entity’ whose supreme mastery of the cosmos could not be addressed or challenged.

It was my way of reminding some people that I was embarking on a personal voyage that had to be done on my terms. I would make new allies, conquer new worlds, and boldly go down infinite pathways to see glorious new places, meet interesting new persons, and experience fabulous new things.

Yet, all of things must happen within the confines of my ship, following the course of my voyage and realizing the infinite and spectacular glory of my space.

Anthony Reeves

From chasing ice cream trucks to serving as a lawyer, professor, dancer, and activist, I'm on a mission to educate and inspire others to be their best selves.

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