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Whether you believe it or not, going to your ‘homeroom’ in school is building on your personal and psychological foundation. We are conditioned to have a starting point, a rallying point, a place to regroup and move to our next destination. And that’s a GOOD thing.

When growing up, most of us anxiously look forward to ‘flying out of the nest.’

The world is calling our names. There are so many glorious opportunities that await us. We are anxious to go out and attack the possibility of tomorrow.

But going to homeroom conditions us to rely on having a starting point or a restarting point when facing our day and the challenges that come with it.

Think about those times when you used homeroom to catch a quick power nap before classes, rush through an assignment that was due, or take a deep breath before another hectic day. Think about those classmates you ONLY had a chance to see in your homeroom. Homeroom never had any assignments—it was simply your safe space. A place where you could collect yourself, take a break, or re-evaluate your next plan of action.

And these classrooms were literally a break—no instruction or assignments. In these rooms, time and life seemed to stand still for a moment so you could look back on what you had done and look forward to what was coming. Your homeroom was effectively an extension of home.

We don’t lose this sense of homeroom when we get older.

Your homeroom may be your parents’ home or your home office or your living room. Your homeroom may be the park by the lake or an overlook point in the mountains. And these places go on to serve as your place to regroup, analyze, and reassess.

Homeroom is your breathing place.

Your place to re-evaluate. In essence, these places are where you reclaim your peace of mind, your sense of self, and your priorities.

We cherish these spaces. We embrace these spaces. We don’t overlook their importance, and we take every opportunity to capitalize on these spaces whenever we can. These rooms are our home and our heart!

So, as your children shuffle through their day and grumble about their schools, make sure you encourage them to embrace the space that is their homeroom. They are learning the value of a homeroom, and though they may not realize it now, they will never forget it.

Anthony Reeves

From chasing ice cream trucks to serving as a lawyer, professor, dancer, and activist, I'm on a mission to educate and inspire others to be their best selves.

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