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Sept 11

Tim A. @recovering_snowflake

Guys. We are shutting down the entire city for who knows how long to respond to ONE building that is on fire?

9:45am · 11 Sept 2001

Tim A. @recovering_snowflake

Okay. Two buildings on fire. Two plane crashes. By comparison we lost 188 aircraft in Pearl Harbor.

10:30am · 11 Sept 2001


Tim A. @recovering_snowflake

I’m sorry. I know my last tweet was rather insensitive. People have lost loved ones. But some of us own five Popeyes franchises in the greater New York area and the revenue lost from even just one day is going to mean possible layoffs and higher prices for customers. And these are low income workers and customers who live at the margins already.  (1/2)

5:45pm · 11 Sept 2001

Tim A. @recovering_snowflake

This isn’t about me and my five Popeyes franchises. It’s about those who are most vulnerable to the whims of political edicts. (2/2)

5:46pm · 11 Sept 2001

Tim A. @recovering_snowflake

We lost six million hard working Jews in the holocaust. SIX. MILLION. And we didn’t shut down a single fried chicken restaurant in NYC in response. NOT. A. SINGLE. FRIED. CHICKEN. RESTAURANT.

6:01pm · 11 Sept 2001


Spanish Flu

Mike B. @mikeyb1898 ·  June 1918

Wow has this flu season been overrated. It’s like no one has ever even heard of the Russian Flu of 89-90.

Mike B. @mikeyb1898 ·  Oct 1918

The socialist mayor in St. Louis is shutting his city down because of the flu. WTF. Meanwhile Philly just had a big ol’ parade to raise money for the war! Philly fans are the worst, but I gotta hand it to em for not being a bunch of little social distancing ass bitches.

Mike B. @mikeyb1898 ·  Jan 1921

I’ve seen a lot of people on #thissite talking about how the SPANISH flu killed 50 million people over the last 2 years and how this makes it one of the worst pandemics in recorded history. Sure, 50 million sounds like a lot, until you ACCOUNT FOR POPULATION SIZE. When you do that, it’s only like a few percent of the global population. #MathIsHard


Great Chicago Fire

Brian G. @dataguy

Fires are bad. But panic is worse. Panic kills more people than fires. That’s why you aren’t allowed to just shout “Fire!” in a venue where they show silent moving pictures.

3:30pm · 8 Oct 1871

Brian G. @dataguy

Trying to explain why I think we are overreacting to this fire. A Thread: (1/n)

11:30am · 9 Oct 1871

Brian G. @dataguy

I’ve spent the last 2 days combing Lycos for casualty data related to fires. From what I can tell, most people in a burning building walk away with, at worst, third degree burns. Very few actually die from fires, despite what the Chicago Tribune wants you to believe. (2/n)

11:32am · 9 Oct 1871

Brian G. @dataguy

I’m not saying third degree burns aren’t bad—but most of these folks will live. But the economic fallout of shutting down this city for a few days (or more!!!!) could be way, way worse. (3/n)

11:34am · 9 Oct 1871

Brian G. @dataguy

Studies show economic anxiety leads to increased cortisol levels (stress hormone). Some estimates are that a week of raised cortisol levels can take 0.0000001 years off a life. Multiply that by the number of small business owners stressing over lost revenue and…(4/n)

11:36am · 9 Oct 1871

Brian G. @dataguy

You are looking at hundreds of collective years lost. What are the odds that hundreds die in this fire? (5/n)

11:37am · 9 Oct 1871

Brian G. @dataguy

Oh fuck off. Yes I read that 300 folks died. I meant to say *THOUSANDS* not hundreds. Can’t people make an honest mistake on this site anymore?

9:27am · 12 Oct 1871


Black Death

Darren R. @medici4king · Jan 1480

The Lamestream Printing Press wants you to believe this is the worst plague ever. Has no one even heard of the Plague of 664? SMH.

Darren R. @medici4king · Feb 1480

People who keep whining about a 35% mortality rate for Black Death: do Ebola next.

Darren R. @medici4king · Jun 1480

So, we are just supposed to pretend none of these people with the Black Death might have just died of normal causes like imbalanced humors? #correlationisnotcausation #overcountingBlackDeaths

Darren R. @medici4king · Mar 1484

The so-called “experts” claim that the Black Death has been circulating in Europe since 1331. But maybe it’s been here for much longer, and no one noticed it because MOST PEOPLE AREN’T SYMPTOMATIC. If that’s true, the true mortality of Black Death is much, much lower than Pope Sixtus IV wants us to believe. #denominatorproblem


Great Flood

Jacob S. @israelite4life · 5000 B.C.

Seeing lots of tweets about a world ending flood. So far all I’ve seen is a light sprinkle. Hmmm…could it be that the models are wrong? #seenthisbefore #climatealarmism

Jacob S. @israelite4life · 5000 B.C.

Made it onto a boat. Yes, there’s pretty bad flooding here. But I suspect it’s localized to the Euphrates. No reason for people along the Nile to be on lockdown right now!

Jacob S. @israelite4life · 5000 B.C.

Been a couple weeks now and haven’t seen anyone else tweeting. Maybe it’s bad service?

Jacob S. @israelite4life · 5000 B.C.

Okay, now that the water has finally receded it’s becoming clear I’m one of the last few people on Earth. But the population wasn’t that big to begin with. And it was REALLY, REALLY OLD. (Average lifespan these days is 600 years based on a recent census.)

Jacob S. @israelite4life · 5000 B.C.

Losing 99.999% of the world’s population in one catastrophic flood is admittedly awful. Trying to secure a small business loan at a reasonable rate from the one guy who has all the money (and animals) is worse. Ugh.


Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event

Ty R. @ieatherbs · 66,000,000 B.C.

Hearing a lot of dinosaurs are worried about that asteroid that is supposed to impact earth very soon. The thing is only 15 miles in diameter. Pangea is 5,000 miles wide. Just stay away from Yucatan for a little while and you’ll be okay. #getyourflushot #buckleup

Ty R. @ieatherbs · 66,000,000 B.C.

Now they are saying the asteroid has hit, triggering earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions in Mexico. One idiot said the atmosphere is on fire. Umm, pretty sure it’s impossible to make a fire without lightning and trees. #science

Ty R. @ieatherbs · 66,000,000 B.C.

Does our velociraptor governor realize that not everyone is small enough to *fit* in a cave, let alone spend the next year in one?

Ty R. @ieatherbs · 66,000,000 B.C.

Yes, this is looking worse than I thought. NO it is not comparable to the Late Devonian Extinction where almost 50% of all species vanished! #extinctionalarmism #readahistorybook

Ty R. @ieatherbs · 65,999,999 B.C.

Current consensus is that last year’s meteor wiped out 75% of all life on Earth. Yes, that’s bad. But the government was telling us it would be *85* % of all life until just recently. Ten percent higher than what actually happened! WE. 👏 NEED.👏 ANSWERS.👏 FOR.👏 THIS. 👏 BUREAUCRATIC. 👏 FAILURE.

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