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A high-scoring, close game with a nostalgic throwback halftime show? Don’t mind if I do. Add in some truly entertaining commercials, and we’re all winning! Here’s some of the creative ads that stood above the rest.

Amazon’s Alexa Loses Her Voice

What happens when Alexa’s patient and helpful tone is replaced by some of pop culture’s most notable celebrities? We found out in this two-parter featuring Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson, and Anthony Hopkins—better known as Dr. Hannibal Lecter. The star power in this commercial is simply unmatched, with each star bringing their personality and ultimately not-so-helpful assistance.

Score: 4/5 😂

Eli Manning works out his touchdown celebration with Odell Beckham Jr.

In a series of brief, somewhat confusing segments, we see the ever-awkward Eli Manning discuss potential touchdown celebrations with his teammates from the Giants. He seems dejected and unconfident—still waiting for the perfect inspiration. Enter the bleach blonde locks of Odell Beckham, for this laugh out loud masterpiece, which pays homage to the iconic Dirty Dancing.

Score: 5/5 😂

Doritos #SpitFire Mountain Dew #IceCold

Tyrion Lannister, AKA Peter Dinklage, spits the fire lyrics of Busta Rhymes’ “Look at Me Now” while Busta looks on as a live portrait on the wall, clearly approving of the heat Dinklage serves alongside those Blaze Doritos.

Not to be outdone, the one and only Morgan Freeman brings the temperatures back down with a verse from Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On.” Freeman is as cool as cool gets, and he’s got the power to freeze things. Loved that these two products rolled this one out as team.

Score: 4/5 😂, 3 clapping emojis 👏

Keegan-Michael Key as the Translator for Rocket Mortgage

Seriously, how often do you wish you had a translator? Think about how particularly helpful it would be for things like mortgages (but arguably even more helpful in the realm of online dating). Per usual, Key nails it, and I can’t help but think this one is an ode to his stint as Luther, the anger translator for President Obama. This time, just a little less angry. This commercial didn’t get all the praise it deserved, but to be fair there was some steep competition.

Score: 3.5/5 😂

Tide – David Harbour “It’s a Tide Ad”

If I had to pick a commercial that won the night across every demographic in America, Tide would be the one. David Harbour, who you know as Hopper from Stranger Things, was a chameleon. He tried all the classic Super Bowl tropes: car ads (in a crisp suit), beer ads (downhome clothes at the bar), back pain medication ads (in his tennis whites), disinfectant cleaners (in his Mr. Clean whites). He makes a compelling point—if all these ads feature clothes without stains, does that make every commercial a Tide ad? Yes, David Harbour, it sure does. Props for bonus content, the Old Spice Guy on his tandem horse, and Sara ready to give it to Mr. Clean who is, in fact, Harbour.

Score: 6/5 😂

Good Odds Toyota Special Olympics Lauren Woolstencroft

This commercial nearly brought me to tears. This visuals are incredibly compelling, but Woolstencroft’s triumphant spirit rightly steals the show. If you skipped this one or were refueling on nachos and wings, watch it, and then I dare you to complain—about anything.

Score: 💖💪🏅✊😁😢

ETrade “This is Getting Old”

On Saturday, I literally had the thought, when do they force you out of the workforce? And then this commercial answered it for me. Basically never. Shout out to all these octogenarians for holding down good jobs, even though they’d all admit “I’m 85 and I wanna go home.” Although, DJ Nana was doing her thing. The concept made me laugh, then cry, then recoil in terror. Point made. well done, Etrade.

Score: 5/5 😂

Participation Trophies go to the following:

AmeriTrade Lionel Richie, Lexus and Black Panther, Tiffany Haddish for Groupon, Blacture, Netflix and Jurassic World, Avocados from Mexico, Crocodile Dundee Revamped for Australia, and M&M’S turn Human.

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