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Dear Members Of The Vixens Gentlemen’s Club Family,

In these times that try mens’ souls, a little release is always a good thing. And between the financial hardships, quarantine with your families, and existential terror of a pandemic, believe us: We know you’re being tried. That’s why we’re here to tell you that Vixens’ Gentlemen’s Club is here for you when you need us most. Below, you’ll find the several measures we’ve employed to keep you safe from the coronavirus while we put a smile on your face.

Our bouncers will check your IDs only while wearing latex gloves, and each ID will be sprayed down with Lysol before it is handed back to you.

Furthermore, the hand stamp we use to mark patrons as having paid the cover will be left to rest in a pool of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol when not in use. If you catch any bouncer not following these protocols, speak to the manager for a free lobster tail.

All paper currency used on our premises has been steam sterilized.

We’re extremely fortunate to have access to an autoclave machine, kindly donated by a surgeon who is a regular.

We have had Vixens deep-cleaned by means of a hospital-grade ethylene oxide sterilization.

In order to keep the environment pathogen-free, all customers will be politely but firmly asked to don a HAZMAT suit and self-contained breathing apparatus. It is our sincerest hope that you will recognize that this is both for your safety and the safety of our dancers, our bartenders, and DJ NuttSack.

Eating is permitted only on the back patio.

Circling back to the aforementioned lobster tail, all of your Vixens kitchen favorites—from our famous tacos al pastor to our sous vide pigs in a blanket—are still available. However, because your HAZMAT suit must stay on inside the Vixens premises at all times, you will only be allowed to eat in the patio area out back, where our dancers like to go on break to smoke cigarettes and casually share terrifying stories of socioeconomic horror while texting their boyfriends.

Restrooms will now be found off-premises next to the patio area.

As the entirety of our sanitation budget went to the ethylene oxide sterilization and HAZMAT suits, we hope you can understand that these chemical toilets will be somewhat spartan in nature, and cleaned only on an ad hoc basis. If you deem our toilets unacceptable for your excretory needs, you are also free to evacuate in the woods behind our parking lot. Please remember to remove your HAZMAT suits beforehand so as to not tear them on any brush you may encounter.

As you may have surmised by now, the vixens of Vixens will also be in hazmat suits.

But fear not: The hazmat suits are completely transparent. Based upon a design originally depicted in the pornographic parody film In-And-Outbreak, and later successfully prototyped by Hugh Heffner to be worn by the nurses administering his end-of-life care, we assure you these suits are as sexy as they are safe.

The Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” As these difficult times perfect you, it is our sincerest hope that you feel safe to polish your gem with us.

John Papageorgiou

John hosts a long running comedy radio show titled Papa's Basement. He also performs standup and improv and drummed once for a Unitarian church.

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