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Who doesn’t love a good buddy cop comedy? Two unlikely personalities having to team up and succeed against all odds, to bring justice to their community—or even save the world? There’s nothing better. However, we’re currently living through the demise of the mid-budget studio comedy, so buddy cop comedies are made less and less often.

I, for one, won’t let the concept die so easily.

Here are five weird buddy cop movies I think we deserve to see.

5. Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding star in Baton Rouge (pronounced like “retractable steel baton”)

I have to admit, I used this pairing in a writing prompt for an internship that will remain nameless. But nothing would thrill me more than to see former foes Nancy and Tonya team up to fight crime in a climate where neither of them are comfortable: Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After a wunderkind figure skater goes missing just days before the Winter Olympics, it’s up to Nancy and Tonya to track down the missing skater and her captor.

The chase leads them through swamps, small Louisiana towns, and dilapidated ice rinks that never got enough support from their community. Putting their differences aside is step one of their Southern adventure! Will Nancy forgive Tonya? And will they find their missing skater? Find out soon… in “Baton Rouge.”

4. Adam Driver and Michael Shannon in Being Crabby 

Adam Driver and Michael Shannon play Josh Evans and Tommy O’Malley, respectively, a pair of Baltimore police detectives who are investigating a robbery at Old Bay Headquarters. Josh Evans (Driver) comes from an upper-class family, but joined the force as an act of rebellion against his bourgeoisie upbringing. Tommy O’Malley (Shannon) comes from a long line of blue collar cops. Together, they uncover corruption and foul play that connects to the highest levels of local Baltimore government.

3. Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Tiffany Haddish in Switchblade

PWB plays a London police lieutenant named Brenda, and Tiffany Haddish plays party girl Ashley, on holiday from Los Angeles. After Ashley is arrested for public intoxication, a homeless woman in the police station works some magic, and Ashley and Brenda switch bodies! They’ll have to work together to find a way to switch back—and also solve the murder of Brenda’s police boss (played by Andrew Scott, AKA Hot Priest).

2. Jacob Tremblay and Danny Devito in Say Uncle!

Jacob Tremblay plays an optimistic orphan named Andrew, who is adopted by a long lost uncle named George (Danny DeVito). What Andrew doesn’t know is that George isn’t really his uncle —but a private detective who has been hired by a mysterious benefactor to solve the murder of Andrew’s parents. On the way to uncovering the truth, Andrew will teach George about social media and modern slang, and George will teach Andrew how to make moonshine. They’ll even adopt a dalmatian puppy. Fun for the whole family!

1. Baby Yoda and Gritty in Ice to Meet You 

Gritty polices the mean (Broad) streets of Philadelphia like no other. But lately, he’s been down on his luck since no one will be his partner. One morning, while Gritty is waking up in his nest dwelling under the Wells Fargo Center, he notices a small, floating, egg-like pod outside the hole that leads to his room. Upon further inspection, it’s Baby Yoda! Gritty has no idea how to care for the 50 year-old infant, and Baby Yoda has never seen a creature like Gritty.

Bonded by their shared curiosity, Gritty must protect Baby Yoda from the outside world, and Baby Yoda must protect Gritty from an army of bitter NHL mascots who keep trying to take Gritty—and the entire Philly police department—down. It’s the visual dissonance no one is asking for. Coming to theaters this summer.

Which one of these surefire box office hits would you like to see most? Which buddy cop comedy is your favorite of all time? And what would you do to protect Baby Yoda? Let us know on Twitter!

Erin Vail

Erin is the 2003 West Reading Elementary Geography Bee champion, a TV obsessive, and never not thinking about Buffalo sports.

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