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I work with people’s minds, but I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist
I help people awaken to spirituality in themselves, but am not representing a religious tradition
I work constantly, yet most of it is below the surface of the physical world
I am powerful and abundant, yet often distant with a low bank balance
I quietly release density through my breath while sending energy through my palms and people feel relieved but don’t know why

This culture of ours doesn’t understand what it can’t see
It doesn’t acknowledge what’s not broadcast,
It doesn’t validate that which doesn’t jump through its set of hoops
We don’t honor the quiet or respect the pure
We don’t remember the world that exists outside of our own and recognize that value might look differently then we have learned

It’s sometimes difficult to be a man in the middle, a person of spirit, a non-sided being in a world of roles and labels and grabbable definitions.

Money needs to be made just so. Lifestyles needs to look like this. Relationships must fit in these parameters. Prayer must echo those well-worn words. You must fit in, you must be normal, you don’t want to be pushed out as the crazy fool. And yet the large beast to which we all adhere is crumbling while sucking us dry.

So alas, the only way on is on. The way through is through.

I guess pioneers and entrepreneurs and creators and leaders are here for this very reason. Open pathways for energy to flow. Showing the collective new ways of beings. At first we’re outliers, outcasts, freaks, and gypsies. Then we’re interesting and curious and niche and eccentric. Then we’re artistic and faddy and then cool. And then, the tides turn, and others pour their energies into our ways as well. It happened with yoga and vegetarianism and organic foods. It happens in spurts and stops, and the conservative tight-grippers will always cry out on behalf of tradition, that this is a betrayal of the known.

But we go on despite it.
Because that is how it is done, how it’s always been done, and how we’ll do it still.

Hang in there, everyone. Keep doing you. Keep shining your light and holding the vibration of the world you wish to live in. Just be change, do the thing, and we’ll slowly but surely get there together.

Seth Monk

Seth Monk is a former Buddhist monk and energy healer living in the Boston area. He is CEO and Founder of Spirit Monkeys, an organization that runs global transformational retreats.

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