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Remember Earth before all this Coronavirus? It’s difficult, but if you challenge yourself to really think about life one month ago, you may be able to recall some happiness.

I totally get it! Not only are you worried about the health and well-being of pretty much everyone you know. Not only are you watching your retirement savings slashed like prices at a Columbus Day furniture sale.

The NCAA March Madness tournaments were outright cancelled.

Here at The Prompt, we realized exactly what we needed to do to fill that void in your everyday life. We want you to feel good. We want you to enjoy the soaring highs and gut-punching lows that we only get by watching competitions play out in real time.

So, wanting to use out powers for good and not evil, we figured out a way to avoid cancelling those things altogether. That’s why we created a bracket.

Welcome to The Best Feelings in the World MADNESS.

Join in the fun as we take a nostalgic look back at the good times, for the benefit of those who feel a great void after being deprived of single elimination bracket competition AND serotonin.

How to Play

It’s simple! For those of you teleworking, who don’t have a printer handy, or who prefer the digital age, you can fill out your bracket directly in Google Docs.

If pen and paper is more your thing (Are we still doing “Okay, Boomer”?), print the PDF.

Then, tweet us your complete brackets so we can bicker about what is better: Strong Shower Pressure, or Your Birthday Falling on a Weekend. If Twitter bickering was ever meant for good, we think this is it.

Also, we’ll be posting the matchups in Twitter Polls (@thepromptmag) so we can see who wins.

Let’s take a look at the regions.

We’ve scientifically divided 64 of The Best Feelings in the World into four equally delightful and splenderific regions: The Ooooh Region, The Ahhhhh Region, The Oh Yeah Region, and The That’s The Spot Region.

The good news is that since this bracket showcases The Best Feelings in the World, there is no region of death—only regions of joy or even more joy.

Some highlights in opening round matchups include “Getting something out of your teeth vs. Licking your teeth after a dentist appointment” and “A compliment on your dancing vs. A fresh haircut.”

Also look for a potential second round mega-matchup of “Sex vs. Love at first sight!”


Unfortunately, while the world has unlimited room for sunshine and rainbows, and this bracket only has 64 spots, and many great feelings were left out. While “Getting a promotion at work” and “Waking up and stretching” absolutely deserve commendation, they were left on the cutting room floor, along with “Senioritis” and “Someone telling you ‘That’s a good question.’”

The Best Feelings In The World MADNESS – Bracket

The “Oooooh” Region

The “Ahhh” Region

The “Oh Yeah” Region

The “That’s The Spot” Region

Remember to play along on your own, in Excel or with your own PDF. Then follow @thepromptmag on Twitter for the match-ups all week!

Josh Bard

Josh Bard is a guy. A sports guy, an ideas guy, a wise guy, a funny guy, a Boston guy, and sometimes THAT guy. Never been a Guy Fieri guy, though.

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