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We stand upon the edge, here at what feels like the end, and you ask me what I am thankful for this year? I will tell you, and I hope it helps, in some small way.

These are the things for which I am thankful:

Every soft man and bold woman

Every person who stood for kindness

Every human who protected strangers

Everyone who chose the discomfort of truth

Every grandparent who was saved by a mask

Every child who showed adults how to act

Every worker who kept society afloat

Every neighbor who helped others out

Every doctor

Every nurse

Every caregiver

Who tried, even if they failed

Every queer person who survived

Every Black person who survived

Every hurting person who survived






Ariel Cross

Ariel Cross is a fantasy author and blogger with a love for representation and subversion. To them, happiness is a warm glass of mead on a cold day.

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