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I know I’m supposed to be focusing on hair, but first, I have to point out that Sarah’s smile is pretty breathtaking. It makes her whole face light up, including a set of narrow, ROFL-emoji (🤣😂) eyes that are a very swimmable aquamarine. It’s kind of unfair. Full disclosure, as if I need to say so, I have a pretty big girl crush on her.

So, it’s weird that the focus of this piece is Sarah’s hair. Because when I first met her, her hair was nice enough, but pretty indistinct. It didn’t have to make a statement because Sarah is funny, genuine, and a delightful conversationalist. She is fine expressing her personality and opinions out loud, thank you very much.

But then she got an undercut and dyed her hair blonde. And I was like homegirl, how did you just take it to another motherf*cking level? To me, it’s exciting and stylish to do something so deliberately different. To her, it was nothing. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re born dope.

Sarah’s take on her hair.

1. In your own words, how would you describe your hair?

My natural hair is coarse, frizzy, and has a mind of its own. It’s constantly in flux—either I’m chopping it all off, or I’m growing it out, or dying it blonde.

2. In general, how do you feel about your hair?

It’s just hair. I change it because I can, and why not? Other people have MUCH stronger opinions about my hair than I do, both positive and negative.

3. How did you decide how to (cut, shave, color, and/or style) your hair?

My most recent hair was inspired by my grandma in the 60s! I literally showed my hairdresser a picture of her and was like, I want to look like this.

4. When was your hair at its best, and why?

Right now! I love being blonde. And bleach actually made my hair more manageable? I was warned that it would dry out my hair and make it brittle, but it seems to make my coarse hair less coarse.

Or, maybe when I had a perm and would tease it real big. That was a good time.

5. When was your hair at its worst, and why?

In third grade. I hate having long hair, and I grew up having super long hair. I finally convinced my mom to let me cut it short! Except it was cut into this chin-length bob. And my hair was wild and coarse. And I was chunky. NOT a good look.

6. How long does it take you to grow your hair?

My hair grows out from a pixie to shoulder length in about a year, if I don’t cut it.

7. How often do you get your hair cut?

Now that it’s short, every 4 to 6 weeks. When it’s long-ish, like… every 6 months? Whenever.

8. How does your hair affect your personality or sense of identity?

It doesn’t, but other people assume it does.

It’s just hair. It’s the one thing you can keep changing, but it always grows back. I think I’m willing to be adventurous because it has no bearing on anything. When you grow out a pixie, there are a few months where a mullet is inevitable. You really have to just let it go and recognize that it doesn’t define you.

9. How do you think your hair impacts how other people see you?

People, in general, think I’m soooo brave for cutting my hair so short. Spoiler alert, it’s not brave, I just don’t like having a lot of hair.

The number one comment I receive from women is that they wish they could cut their hair short, too. I always say, you can! But nobody thinks they can, because they think they don’t have the “right face” for it??? I don’t know. I think anyone can do short hair if they want to, but that’s just me.

On the other side, men are a solid 50/50 split. They are either really into it or they ask why I would ruin my beautiful hair. True story.

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