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Call us biased… but we like people who 👍 Like us.

That’s why this week, we’re taking a break from our usual Thursday #FeaturedWriter to introduce a man who is very dear to The Prompt.

Meet Eric, our very first Featured Reader!

Eric first caught our eye on Twitter, where he’s quick to share a GIF or a slice of his trademark wit. But it was on Facebook where Eric really reeled us in. His advent calendar of Love, Actually characters in December was too good not to turn into a full-length Prompt piece.

Upon being bestowed this honor, Eric had the following to say:

I am pleased to be your Featured Reader. This is literally the best award an introvert can ever earn. I sit alone with a single light on reading a book—and now I am being featured. You want to talk about #winning?

Without further ado, 10 questions (+1 bonus q) with Eric!

1. What’s your name?
My name is Eric F. Mochnacz. I always play a game where when people see it on my name tag or business card, they need to guess what it is. They always guess Frederick first. I’m also working on becoming one in the same with my social media handle @TheMochnacz.

2. What is something that you need every day?
My morning coffee. I wake up at 6 am just to sit in bed for an hour and enjoy my cuppa. Also… sarcasm.

3. Who is the most influential teacher/coach/mentor in your life, and why?
My friend Melissa, my Residence Hall Director in college, has always supported me in my path to improve myself in the field of Higher Ed and in life. We ran our first RunDisney race together in 2012. Now, every time I go to Epcot in Disney, I send her a picture of me looking disgruntled in Italy because of a picture of her sister she once showed me. It’s my favorite inside joke.

4. What are some of your favorite pieces you’ve read on The Prompt?
Josh’s rules for the XFL has left me giggling. [Ed. note: Take that, McSweeney’s! Ya snooze, ya lose!] Kelaine’s article about what she expected and what she got from 2017 was amazing. And it let me know I could curse on The Prompt. Danielle’s worst date of her life. I figured it would be a light and casual story, but it went deep! I am now convinced that all Troys are evil and can’t be trusted.

There was also that really enjoyable listicle about Love, Actually. The author is smoking hot and single I hear.

5. What inspires you to engage with The Prompt in social media?
Well, I know the people behind it personally, which is kinda cool. And if we can survive Blood Freak together, we can take over the world.

The actual prompts get me thinking. They’ve encouraged me to actually write more. The articles share my sensibility and sense of humor, and the people behind The Prompt tolerate and embrace my brain fart tweets.

6. What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
Niceness. I’m sick of being told I need to be nice to get things done. Hypothetically speaking, if someone’s boss is being an assnozzle, they shouldn’t have to be nice about telling him. In the middle of a meeting they should be able to say “You’re an assnozzle.”

I see it more now with all the political activism—those against them expect “nice” behavior. It’s a fucking protest, not a tea party.

7. Which living person do you most despise?
I used to loathe my college arch nemesis. Yes. I had one. But he got fat when he quit coke, so now I just feel bad for him.

I currently despise someone who those in the know refer to as “The Clown.” He’s not an actual clown.

8. Which words or phrases do you most overuse?
“At the end of the day…”
“Sir, are you going to finish that crostini?”

9. With which historical figure do you most identify?
The guy who discovered that little round red discs of meat could make pizza taste even better.

10. Outside of The Prompt staff, who are your favorite writers?
Dean Koontz and Stephen King got me through my teenage years and have stuck with me through adulthood. I discovered Lianne Moriarty as an adult and love her.

And I’m going to say Zack Loran Clark and Rafi Mittlefehldt because I personally know them and their books are fire.

11. Who is your hero of fiction?
Okay, so I enjoy my cozy mysteries as much as the next bro. Clare Cosi, star of the “Coffeehouse Mysteries” series, runs a hip coffee shop in NYC while solving murders…while I can barely focus on one thing at a time at work. That and I want to run a pie shop and solve murders.

It’s like Young Hov said, “Of course I love you… I love all y’all!” And we do. Love you all. If you feel snubbed by the Featured Reader award, step yo’ game up! You might just be next!

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