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I lie naked beside a woman whom

your god does not permit me to love yet,

until He has had a better look at


I suppose,

invited us to brunch

one Sunday in any of His many


so I am a sinner,

a bad man.


Had I only met her on my return

journey from an infidel-infested


some desert or godless barren coast,

fresh from my rapes and mutilations of

the whores of a new Babylon,

the ghost

of ancient impertinence reborn,


married my girl first,

avoided those joys

that are Satan’s,

I would be in the clear.

This piece is a response to this week’s 7 DEADLY SINS writing prompt. If you’d like to be featured in The Prompt, send us a 400-700 word response to this week’s prompt and always, we’ll print the best submissions.

Brian McGackin

‪Poet Brian McGackin is the author of BROETRY and DEATH IN THE RICK. He lives in Los Angeles and drinks a lot of Guinness.‬

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