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Life is tragic
the world is brutal.
—I mean—
Things go from perfect to a little worse the moment we’re born.
you should be better than you are.
not because you are worse than other people,
you are not yet all that you can be.
—Chances are—
you are doing something right.
you really don’t know what would happen if you just kept at it.
has a light to bring to the world
if you choose not to, the world is inherently a dimmer place.
—So, what if—
you just put everything right that you could?
—And, what if—
you didn’t worry about anyone else?
—And, what if—
everyone in the world did the same?

Billy Hafferty

Billy Hafferty is probably still hanging out of the passenger side of his best friend's ride trying to holler at you.

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