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May your days spent alone not be spent in loneliness.

May you take some time and space to really get to know the fascinating companion that is your own soul,

May your heart be both strong and soft, in all the ways that matter

And know that your real magic only comes from not being afraid to be your own true self.


May you recognize that you are the story you tell yourself about yourself;

May you appreciate that you are just as much a broadcaster to this world as a receiver of it.

And that with even the smallest of your thoughts and actions,

You are training others how to treat you.


May you have the courage to walk that gorgeous balance,

On a thinner edge than you even thought possible.

And on it, realize that even the epitome of what you can consciously plan for yourself

Is too small for the true essence perpetually growing within you.


May your neck be craned out valiantly,

In wondrous curiosity of the challenges before you.

May your be chest strong and proud of who you are and where you’re going,

Even if your mind isn’t fully aware of either.


May you come to peace with knowing that the approach is actually the meeting itself.

And that there is no finish line.

And that the notion of “balance” only comes from forces previously weighed.

And that the best you can ever do is to set yourself up to fail in the right direction.


May you have the courage to leave the world alone⏤so it can come and find you.

May you hear the silence around you as a beautiful sound.

And may you listen long and close enough to that silence,

So that you recognize the desires calling from deep within.


May the suffering in your heart forge new veins and arteries of compassion.

And as its delicate beat comes into sync with everything around it,

May you use that compassion to speak to friends and strangers alike

With grace, as if you already know every detail of their own intricate story.


May you exhale confidently in praise of your own mysterious life.

And may you face the mysteries of what lies before you with the same sense of carelessness that you did as a newborn starting your journey.

May you show up with full availability and no false burdens in your mind.

(After all, you never agreed to this life in the first place.)

Billy Hafferty

Billy Hafferty is probably still hanging out of the passenger side of his best friend's ride trying to holler at you.

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