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To get to my point, I don’t have much time
Maybe it’ll stick if I do it in rhyme…
Congrats, you’ve done it! The world awaits!
Now listen up. I’m giving it to you straight.

You’re coming off a high from the top of the school.
You probably think that you’re pretty cool,
And that you are smart and business savvy,
And in truth, young one, you may not be shabby.

Let me open your eyes to a brand new world,
For a reality check must be unfurled.
Mommy and Daddy can no longer help you,
Time to buckle down, there’s work to do!

From top of your school to a peon at work.
You’ve already labeled your boss a big jerk.
But that attitude won’t get you far.
It’s now time to prove how fabulous you really are.

They’ll be plenty of things you don’t want to do,
Like working late, making phone calls, fetching coffee too.
And if you think you’re above these menial tasks,
Your boss will likely think you’re an ass.

You see, green one, we’ve been there before,
Doing these things since the time you were four.
But trust me on this, there’s a lesson to learn.
The more you interact, the more respect you earn.

You’ll think your ideas are better than theirs,
But you’ll just be met with a room full of stares.
And, in some cases, you may absolutely be right,
But, you see, sometimes change is met with great fright.

For the most important lesson I can give you right now,
Is learn how to listen, interact with a crowd.
Emails and texts only get you so far!
You have to speak up so they know who you are.

There’s a saying that goes “put a face to the name,”
And if done well, you’ll dominate the work game.
For a human connection will draw people in,
And in that group of peons, you’re sure to win.

Get to know your coworkers, where they’ve been, where they’re at.
Do they like dogs or do they like cats?
Do they have kids named Jack, Jill, or Luke?
Did you know their great granddad was a wealthy old duke?
Are they from England, Africa, Spain?
Does their native food bring them disdain?

Learn their likes and dislikes and keep those in your pocket.
For there will be a time when you might have to rock it!
Yes, one day that person may have their own team,
And when choosing a second, in your direction they’ll lean.

Don’t be afraid to make a mistake,
For failure is more than a risk you must take.
This is the only way to learn and grow,
And you’ll be surprised by how much you know.

And someday when it’s time for you to be promoted,
You’ll have the confidence that it was for you they voted,
To move up the ranks, with a team of your own,
For humility and respect is what you have shown.

And once again the circle will start,
When more kids arrive, looking real smart.
And you’ll be the mentor those newbies will need,
To teach them the skills they need to succeed.

So as you go out to start that career,
Don’t let anyone kick you in the rear.
Take this advice and prove them all wrong,
Hold your head high and sing your fight song!

Melissa Wyatt

Boasting with Philly pride, I’m a loud-mouthed Italian mama striving to achieve the perfect combination of marketing guru with a hint of Julia Child, Martha Stewart, and Beyonce.

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