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My fellow Americans,

The Prompt Mag is a community of creators—writers, mostly, with the occasional artist, photographer, or podcaster for added spice. We’ve found each other through a variety of ways, but what makes us special is how much we support each other, and how we try to be a positive place for collaboration, creativity, and great ideas.

For the most part, we keep it light around here. But after the events of the past few weeks—notably, the police killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and the surge of protests across the country demanding accountability and justice—we can’t let this moment pass us by without using our platform to speak out about a cause we believe in.

To be a part of the conversation. To amplify the calls for justice. To help our friends in this fight process their feelings, speak their minds, and give voice to anger, frustration, and—ultimately—their hope.

Our current writing assignment asked our writers to submit a personal essay, poem, short story, script, or anything else original and fresh using MY FAVORITE COLOR as the prompt. On our weekly call last night, we took the opportunity to bring together our own voices to write another one, in response to what’s happening in America. We hope it helps you see things in a different light.

My favorite color is justice

My favorite color is human

My favorite color is the opposite of white supremacy

My favorite color is I do see color

My favorite color is tall, dark, and still breathing

My favorite color is a prism, because it refracts all the other colors back out into the world

My favorite color is Crayola Crayons Colors of the World, 32 pack

My favorite color is James Baldwin’s side eye

My favorite color is no more bloodshed

My favorite color is not neutral in situations of injustice

My favorite color is your voice

My favorite color is acknowledging white privilege

My favorite color is not having one, because why do I have to?

My favorite color is the content of your character

My favorite color is a crowd fighting for change

My favorite color is Black Lives Matter… and only after everybody understands what that means can we say all lives matter

My favorite color is sunlight, because it disinfects like a motherf*cker

I don’t know what my favorite color is, but I know my job is to listen

My favorite color is the mountaintop

My favorite color is freedom from fear

My favorite color is peace

This list was created during our weekly Prompt call. Consistent with our most popular feature, it is an Incomplete and Growing List, so if you have something you’d like to add, tweet us and we’ll issue an update. We can’t wait to hear from you.

The Prompt Staff

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