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Why get all dressed up with nowhere to go and no one to see? We’ve each adapted to our quarantine routine in our own way, so we asked our staff:

What is your signature quarantine style?

Natalie Brandt


Uggs + Bare legs or pajama bottoms + White V-neck T-shirt with blazer + earrings that move a bit. Bra optional.

Beauty counter:

The new mullet. Straight strands of unwashed hair pulled forward, stiff with dry shampoo spray. The back 70 percent caked in shame and a loose braid. And my face rocks whatever bronzer and cheek highlighter I found in my daughter’s vanity 5 minutes before the Host Let Me In.

Natasha Gural

Pandemic Style: The Guileless American Girl’s Guide To The Ball

What costume shall this poor girl wear to all tomorrow’s masquerades? Where might I find the most arabesque gown, intricately and elaborately adorned with flowers, foliage, and fruit? How can I stand out, as we’re all masked, moving dreams, sashaying past figures with unsuited limbs and appointments? A delight for the fading senses, with all the buffoons, the improvisatori, ballet-dancers, and musicians. So much wine to pour down my gullet, savoring every red droplet, the voluptuous frenzy of giving, and taking, every life. Where are Gino and Ludovico? The armed castle guards gaze ahead, as if I’m invisible when, in my most ladylike lilt, I beg of them to show me the way. Captivated, I imagine what themed elixirs await me as I teeter, deliriously, down the row from east to west, navigating each of the seven color-coded rooms in the castellated abbey. What could they possibly signify?

Michael-Alexander Gural-Maiello

During quarantine I try my best to have as much of a happy and healthy life while staying safe. I wake up early, get dressed, brush my hair, make my breakfast, log onto my school computer, read, do schoolwork, make my bed, have lunch, work out, sometimes take a shower, practice guitar, paint, write, and help my mom with meals and home improvement. Then I have some fun, playing with my dog Athena, calling my friends, or playing video games. After I help make dinner, we eat, I brush my teeth, get my pajamas on, watch a show or two, and go to bed. On Saturdays, I hit the pool for team training at 8 A.M. On Sundays, I get in my suit and dress shoes and go to church.

Sarah Razner

When it comes to a pandemic wardrobe, my go-to outfit is far from groundbreaking. In fact, I’m pretty sure it would be considered basic as the integral piece is a pair of yoga pants—specifically ones from my home away from home, Target (love you forever, Bullseye). The top is a bit more flexible. Sweatshirts are the top contender, but if I don’t wrap myself in fluffiness, I go for a graphic tee—typically from concerts to remember when they were still a thing.

Erin Vail

My pandemic signature look would be named “On Repeat.” Considering I don’t leave the house, no one notices if I’m an Outfit Repeater! So I will often wear the same sweatshirt or leggings multiple days in a row. Sometimes it’ll be the exact same outfit, sometimes it’ll be the same top but different pants. This helped me to save on laundry and time “getting ready” in the morning! Am I okay?

Sydney Mineer


Neutral Tee

Taylor Swift’s Folklore Cardigan (extremely comfortable, FYI)

Halloween/Christmas/Dog Socks

A Dash of Jewelry, Just to Feel Alive

Sam Hedenberg

While I’ve been known to rock the Zoom mullet—a J. Crew button down and gym-class-gray sweatpants—on my designated fuck it days, I try to stay disciplined each morning with respectable pants, a made bed, and brushed teeth.

My only daily casual allowance is my footwear, which consists exclusively of slippers. Thick and soft and fluffy, like a pair of sheep hugging your feet.

I’ve always had a pro-slipper agenda, but COVID has pushed my allegiance to new heights. When it comes to virtual teaching, LL Bean moccasins are my co-pilot.

Jennifer Racusin

The thing about living by the ocean is that the water and the vibes are in constant transit. So, too, are my pandemic personas and signature looks that go along with them. There was a while there where I was social distancing in the mountains, attired in hiking boots and short shorts—my Lara Croft cosplay phase.

I made myself a bunch of bandanas and so the “Bank Robber/Old West Outlaw” was born. It consisted of my JPL t-shirt, space robot bandana around my neck, and Mars 2020 hat, serving major Cowgirls and Aliens vibes. Then I got into a Cobra Kai be-a-badass-mode, so I started rocking my hair up in a high ponytail and tying the bandana made from a chicken print sari around my forehead.

I’m currently deep into a “Cheetah Girl” moment with my daughter ,where we sport as many cat prints as we can at the same time. It’s finally chilly enough for my middle-aged L.A. mom uniform of high boots, jeggings, and denim jacket topped with poofy vest. Or as my husband likes to call it—the Hans Solo. The looks and personas may change with the tides, but there is one vibe that holds them all together: I’m only wearing clothes because the camera is on in the Zoom room, and I don’t want to embarrass my kids.

Kelonnie Harris

The “Unemployed & Sleeps Too Much”

Hair – Hasn’t been washed or picked out in a couple days, probably needs moisturizing, use bobby pins to tame asymmetrical sides.

One of many XL graphic tees a co-worker from your previous place of employment fished out a stack of swag for volunteers when she was cleaning up after an event.

Black Nike Sweatshorts with a history of being pants that a former gym buddy was getting rid of; pajama pants (if warmer); blue Puma sweatpants with similar history (if colder); black socks; brown slippers; maybe even bare feet.

The “Ohmygosh I got an Interview!”

Perfectly round, picked out afro; collared button-down; crimson cardigan; earth-toned pants, black dress socks, slippers.

The Prompt Staff

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