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March Madness is back, and do we mean literal madness, as it marks a full year of near-total social suppression.

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Luckily streaming options have never been more abundant. So even if you refuse to sign up for Peacock—you too, Paramount Plus—we have a bracket for you.

But Jillian, I hate sportsball!

Then this is right up your alley. Introducing, TV Comedies that Aren’t The Office Bracket! We were gonna call it 18-30 Minute Comedies Bracket, when we realized that would preclude Danny McBride from participating.

Eh, he’s not really that funny.

Okay, well, he’s on it… twice. Now’s your chance to knock out Eastbound & Down in the first round, or send it all the way through to the Sweet Sixteen. It’s your bracket!

Alright, alright, how do I play?

Just print out the PDF or work directly in Excel.

Then, meet us over on Twitter to let us know who emerged victorious—

And that you left out You’re the Worst—

I see you had no problems accessing the files 😒

Bracket Breakdown

Full Bracket

Top Left Region

Lower Left Region

Upper Right Region


Lower Right Region


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