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I am not trained to be a preacher, but I never struggle to have—or share—an opinion. Give me the chance, and I’ll pull out my soapbox to expound on a wide range of topics, both of little and much consequence, such as:

  • How salary benefits the employer and not the employee
  • Why the first Hunger Games movie was the worst Hunger Games movie
  • The amazingness of Anderson Cooper, Jason Sudeikis, and Zendaya
  • How courts don’t treat domestic violence cases seriously
  • The inability for many to buy houses in today’s market, while also getting taken by increasing rent prices
  • How the views-based news model is hurting us all
  • That while the Legally Blonde musical is great, the film does a better job of allowing Elle to have her own agency in finding her worth and realizing Warner is not worth her time
  • Why storytelling is so important in our understanding of ourselves and each other
  • How the lyrics “when he was 27, my grandad fought in Vietnam / When I was 27 I built a birdhouse with my mom” by Bo Burnham are some of the most relatable in all of music
  • Any number of true crime cases
  • Why the fashion of Promising Young Woman is such an important aspect of the film
  • The hypocrisy of many anti-gun control movements
  • Why people need to stop being rude to Harry and Meghan
  • The need for less standardized testing, and more focus on social emotional learning
  • Why disliking someone because you think your skin color is better is the worst/most perplexing reason not to like someone
  • The many reasons Tucker Carlson is problematic
  • That Nathan Scott was the best Scott brother on One Tree Hill 
  • How our healthcare system frequently fails people with mental health/addiction issues
  • Why bookstores are the best place in the world
  • How beautiful the cinematography of films like Rear Window, West Side Story, In the Heights, Little Women, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, La La Land, 1917, etc. is
  • How women confidently sharing their opinions are seen as arrogant, but men who do are seen as just confident and informed
Sarah Razner

Sarah Razner is a reporter of real-life Wisconsin by day, and a writer of fictional lives throughout the world by night.

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