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Presidents who are actually celebrities, they’re just like us! They love fast food and have trouble spelling some of the simplest words!

Even if you know how to spell everything on the dollar menu, inevitably there are sneaky words that catch you off guard. The Prompt Staff ate some hamberders and humble pie and admitted to the words that give us the biggest challenge.

Jessica Lulka

When I’m not eating all those hamberders, I am constantly confusing if it’s “feild” or “field.” And don’t get me started on that “‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘I'” rule, because there are TOO MANY EXCEPTIONS to make it useful!

Jillian Conochan

Most words English borrowed from French vex me, none peskier than the first course Trump served up at the Kremlin, I mean White House. You guys know what I’m talking about, right? Whores d’oeuvres? Hors d’oeuvres?

N. Alysha Lewis

I constantly ask myself if harassment has one ‘R’ or two, or two ‘R’s and one ‘S.’ But at least I know how to recognize the behavior and, you know, not regularly engage in it like some schoolyard thug who isn’t used to being told “No.”

Zach Straus

When I’m not writing semi-professionally, I have a job-thing where I use a computer and make spreadsheets and send emails and shit. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve accidentally typed “sorry for the inconvenience” instead of “kindly eat my ballsack.” Spelling is hard!

Ryan Fay

Is it two ‘C’s or two ‘U’s in vacuum? Vaccuum? Vaccum? Vacuum? Should we treat it like a Pokémon and call it Vacummmmmmm?

Erin Vail

I always accidentally spell “with” with an ‘E’ at the end because of how reflexive it is to type “the.” I also always get stuck on “acquaintance.”

Kelaine Conochan

Saxaphone? Saxophone? WHICH IS IT? This 1980s sexy intro needs to know! 🎷🎷🎷I’ll give you over 1000 hamberders if you know the answer without cheating.

Nicole Prince

I screw up “accommodate” every time. *facepalm* Praise ye, autocorrect.

Jessica Dunton Fidalgo

I missed “embarrassment” in the spelling bee in 5th grade and it has vexed me ever since. One ‘R’? Two ‘R’s? I’m always reasonably sure about the two ‘S’s but the rest of the word is lost on me. The irony, though, is not.

Dennis William

Necessary. Why aren’t there two ‘C’s in there? I guess a second one isn’t necce…necess…required.

Josh Bard

I guarauntee I will not spell gaurantee the same way even if it shows up twice in the same sentence. I guarantee it.

Melissa Wyatt

Is it judgment or judgement? The dictionary shows it without the ‘E.’  Is there a rule out there that says ‘G’ sounds like ‘J’ when it comes before ‘M’???

Thomas Viehe

‘I’ before ‘E’ except when it’s weird.

Jesse Stone

Much like I have to hold out my hands at times to figure out which way is left, I often have to mispronounce certain words out loud to remember how they are supposed to be spelled. For example, WED-NES-DAY. How is that pronounced Wenz-day?

Scott Snowman

A spelling problem that crops up all the time in both my professional and personal writing: Do I mean Yeats, the 20th century Irish poet? Or yeets, the 21st century term used to describe practically anything but usually high-energy and/or high-velocity actions and/or exclamations and/or ejaculations?

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