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Okay, Jess. You got this. It’s time to focus. Writing time. You’re excited to write about software — you know the technology and you think it’s cool. I know lunch is in 10 minutes or so, but you really just need to focus. You’re already at around 300 words on that SIEM piece! In the home stretch! Some of this stuff you could write in your sleep.

Now this is starting to sound like me trying to meditate. Which now makes me realize why I don’t meditate that often. Or am very picky about my yoga instructor when I go.

But now’s not the time to think about yoga. You’ve got to think about writing. That’s the real ticket right now. Let me just check the word count on this real quick — 126 words as of now. Okay, so there’s a little over 200 to go until I technically finish this piece.

I wonder what my blood sugars are.

I’m sure that bagel didn’t exactly make them super great. But, at least it’s bagel Wednesday, which means I’m halfway through the week! Okay, 177 words.

I realize that this is a piece about expanding the moment, but I feel like a personal internal monologue sort of suits it. I mean, there’s not much going on in the office — things are pretty quiet, except for the sounds of distant conference room conversations, the clacking of my keyboard and some occasional mouse clicks. My computer’s fan is starting to kick up a little more, which doesn’t make sense to me since I’m not running anything super intensive.

But also instead of trying to center myself — as I would with mediation — maybe I can turn this article into a midday pep-talk.

Yeah. Maybe that would work?

I feel bad for the editors looking at this, since it’s kinda rambly. But that’s the point of an internal monologue. It’s sort of staccatoed. 317 words. Nice.

I guess, if I wanted to, I could bring it back into the meditation angle, which is sort of a theme, and, in a way, aren’t internal thoughts meditation? I mean, we’re always thinking them and sometimes it just sort of evolves into a lulling background noise. Plus, the more I’m told not to think about things, that’s when I usually start to focus on them the most.

Not to mention running through a mental task — and grocery list — can be quite calming. More calming than the jerks who don’t know how to start a yoga class properly and gossip through the whole thing.

424 words. Ah, yes. Not only this piece complete, but this moment is complete also. Along with a sense of accomplishment.

Jessica Lulka

Jess Lulka is a Boston-based creative. When she's not writing or editing, you'll find her at any bookstore, art museum, or looking at cat pictures.

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