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There’s no shame. Now that you’re divorced, you’re having trouble connecting with your teenage daughter. It happens.

It’s easy to be jealous when she spends time with her friends or your ex and you just don’t know how to let her know she’s still your little girl. Never fear, we’ve got you covered.

There’s no better way to reconnect with your daughter than through emojis! Just use any of the following pre-written text messages to help you navigate all the potential pitfalls of making sure she feels loved as you navigate this new world without Steve.

Daughter 001
It’s OK if you borrow my lipstick and sunglasses. Just let me know next time.

Daughter 002
I am uncomfortable letting you see Finding Dory with that Jewish boy, but I trust you.

daughter 003
Please stop Snapchatting your father pictures of clothes you want him to buy for you while we are spending time together.

Daughter 004
If you do not take your little brother trick-or-treating like I asked, I am taking away your phone.

Daughter 005
Those pants make you look like a lesbian (which would be OK!), but if you aren’t, think about the message you’re sending.

Daughter 006

I didn’t have time to make dinner because I was late for spin class. I left you money by the phone to order Papa John’s.

Daughter 007


Daughter 008

It was nice to finally meet that Jewish boy at Dos Tios. Sorry if I embarrassed you. Cheryl and I had NO clue you’d be eating there.

Daughter 009

Did you practice your entire French horn piece for the Winter Recital?

Daughter 010

I’m making dinner. Are you at Sarah’s?

Daughter 011

Guess I’m not gonna see you today. Use the credit card to pay for your service learning trip to El Salvador with Youth Group.

Daughter 012

Want to get a manicure after school? You can bring Sarah.

Daughter 013

You were so good in Les Miz!!! Sorry I couldn’t stay until the end. I had to go back to work.

Daughter 014

I hope you’re having fun at Sarah’s. I feel like I never see you anymore.

Daughter 016

Please FaceTime me.

Daughter 017

I love you.

Where are you?

Daughter 018
Please talk to me. I need you. I’m barely keeping it together.

Zach Straus

Zach Straus peaked at 15 and is mostly held together by masking tape.

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