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1. Tragic, tear-jerking beginnings

Up was the first movie that came to my mind. Pixar’s niche is to have you crying within the first 10 minutes of the movie to establish the fateful storyline. I completely understand their approach. It’s like ripping off a Band-aid. It’s going to hurt, but you have to get it over with.

2. Educational content

What I love most about Pixar is that you will undoubtedly leave the theater with some newfound wisdom. Topics such as climate change, mental health, and under-represented cultures assure that you will have some new brain cells by the end credits.

3. Cuteness overload

It’s the eyes for me. I love the way Pixar Studios characters tend to have bright, bubbly eyes that convey a broad range of emotions. But that’s just the beginning. Pixar characters are intricate and expressive, from their raised eyebrows to their pursed lips.

4. Relatable characters

When I say relatable, I don’t mean that just everyone can relate. I mean it for the kids that never felt like they were really seen or represented until Moana, Inside Out, or Coco premiered. Pixar makes sure that your voice will be heard.

5. Inappropriate jokes that fly over the kid’s head

Like in Toy Story, when Bo Peep implied that she wanted Woody to bang her all night, or when the mosquito in A Bug’s Life gets sloppy-drunk after chugging an O+ Bloody Mary.

Pixar delights every single release with a few cheeky references for us big kids, and it makes me do this:

Leonardo Di Caprio Look GIF by Once Upon A Time In Hollywood - Find & Share on GIPHY

6. Relevancy to global issues

Wall-E is the obvious winner here with its grim light shining on a too-true and trash-filled future. The film even touched on obesity as well.

These films are not only beautiful, but wildly influential to all audiences.

7. An unexpected ending, but a happy one yet

Pixar twist endings are of M. Night Shyamalan quality, but less terrifying. The finishing scenes of Pixar films might have you crying again, but this time it will be tears of joy.

Last, but certainly not least…

8. Thick moms

The writers and animators definitely have a type. You might say it’s… Incredible.

The Incredibles Sigh GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

So, what do you think should be the next Pixar film?

A wise tale about a capybara?

A narrative of a conscientious clan of cicadas?

A story on a sentient plastic bottle?

Or maybe one about a writer whose pen comes to life?

I’d like to be in that one.

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