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According to Twitter,

Also according to Twitter, Comet Ping Pong Pizza was a front for an underground sex ring, so I guess take what you’re about to read with a grain of salt.

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Jillian Conochan

egg: soft boiled

steak: medium rare

milk: growing up, every night with dinner (except Fridays)

alcohol: gin and tonic

warm drink: black coffee


Kelaine Conochan

egg: sunny side up

steak: nah, hamburger!

milk: love it

alcohol: leave it

warm drink: black tea, fresh ginger

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N. Alysha Lewis

egg: scrambled, omelet, frittata

steak: nope

milk: without lactose

alcohol: honey whiskey, rye whiskey

warm drink: latte with coconut milk


Thomas Viehe

egg: came first, doesn’t make sense otherwise

steak: with egg

milk: yeah, throw an egg in there too. Make it eggnog.

alcohol: no egg please. Yuck.

warm drink: mulled wine

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Erin Vail


steak: I’ve been craving the Philly cheese variety


alcohol: lately, champagne or a French 75

warm drink: black coffee


Josh Bard

egg: and cheese sandwich, with a meat. not ham.

steak: depends… is lamb available?

milk: I’ve got nipples, can you milk me?

alcohol: bourbon, spherical ice cube

warm drink: fruity tea, mint tea, low-T

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Mike Stiriti

egg: deviled

steak: >$30 = medium rare, <$30 = medium

milk: for kids

alcohol: anonymous

warm drink: Irish coffee


Anthony Rogers-Wright

egg: over medium

steak: medium well and grass-fed

milk: meh

alcohol: Jackie D

warm drink: green tea and honey


Sarah Razner

egg: omelet or scrambled

steak: medium

milk: chocolate, unless I’m dunking Oreos, then white

alcohol: don’t drink it

warm drink: tea or hot chocolate

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Jesse Stone

egg: hard boiled

steak: very rare…ly eaten

milk: in coffee or cereal only

alcohol: whatever you have lying around

warm drink: coffee w/ milk (preferably frothed but no pressure but if you don’t have a frother I can bring mine over)

Sydney Mineer

egg: scrambled with hot sauce on toast

steak: mooom, i want meatloaf

milk: s k i m

alcohol: gin and rosé—not together, although…

warm drink: earl grey tea

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Eva Kriksciun

egg: over easy. That’s what she said.

steak: that one from Parasite.

milk: F the patriarchy.

alcohol: friend of Bills.

warm drink: the blood of my oppressors.


Jennifer Racusin

egg: on toast.

steak: you do you. I’ll pass.

milk: whole for the fam. Nut for me.

alcohol: Yes please.

warm drink: Large Almond Late from my neighborhood bakery. They give you 4 shots there. 👍


Michael Maiello

egg: scrambled

steak: black and blue

milk: oat

alcohol: versatile

warm drink: iced coffee

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Heather Shaff

egg: yes, please—any which way

steak: medium rare, cooked on the grill with a spicy rub

milk: only in my coffee, thanks

alcohol: no thanks

warm drink: chamomile tea with local honey


Zach Straus

egg: poached

steak: & Shake

milk: Harvey

alcohol: stouts and porters

warm drink: the half-finished LaCroix I left in my car, yesterday.

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Thomas Viehe Part II

egg: frozen for the future

steak: if I can find it

milk: powdered so it lasts longer

alcohol: in everything

warm drink: while we still have gas and electricity


Mikael Johnson

egg: over-easy on some kind of toast or pancake

steak: med rare dry aged porterhouse

milk: soy in cereal (cholesterol minded), 2% with a some kind of brownie

alcohol: sober… but let me get out list of old favorites, brb…

warm drink: Americano w/hazelnut cream

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John Papageorgiou

egg: only when wrapped around a starch

steak: meat is murder (but if you’re paying for the meal, medium-well)

milk: turns me into a fart rocket

alcohol: since I started getting multi-day hangovers in my 30s, no

warm drink: green tea! it helps with my metabolism, said the fat man fatly


Jake Cantrell

egg: scrambled, or better yet just a million Reese’s Eggs

steak: medium well

milk: whole, before the date (regardless of if it smells fine on the day after); put some chocolate syrup in there if we have any

alcohol: never had any 👼🏻

warm drink: room temperature water after I forgot to drink it when it was sorta cold

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Scott Michael

egg: scrambled. And fluffy, cooked on a stove. Not in a microwave.

steak: only if I have to—then medium

milk: lactose intolerant

alcohol: mimosas with cheap champagne

warm drink: water


Victoria Buritsch-Tompkins

egg: egg salad sammich on English muffin

steak: rare, plz, thx

milk: with my coffee, along with sugar

alcohol: rum and orange juice

warm drink: Sweet Dreams tea with a lavender mint base and honey


Billy Hafferty

egg: before outdoor activities

steak: holds the tent down

milk: legend-dairy

alcohol: after outdoor activities

warm drink: coffee – black – often

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