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Welcome to East Austin, y’all!

Thank y’all for coming and before y’all start admiring all the unique artwork here at the Culture Collective, I want to tell you a little a bit about what we’re doing here today.

Here at the Collective, our mission is to celebrate all the creative Makers that are maker-ing the culture of this artsy neighborhood.

Many of you may not know that East Austin is built upon a foundation of culture already:

  • It was a Mecca for freed black men and women before Emancipation.
  • It is home to Downs Field, where Negro league legends like Satchel Paige thrived.
  • It was the genesis of jazz legend Kenny Dorham, who frequently out-trumpeted Miles Davis.

On this foundation, we want to add to the culture with our Waste-to-Wonder Art Show. This weekend, we’re displaying artwork from three Austin Makers that salvaged waste from once living things and turned it into art! Add another notch to the culture belt of East Austin!

Okay, so take a look your programs, printed on recycled paper might I add, to read more about the stories behind these pieces…

Submission #1: Luke Hammerschmidt

Background: Three-time tech startup firee

Medium: Animal excrement (it’s pig shit)

Featured Work: “Résumé, Deconstructed”


Like me, feral pigs are considered an invasive species that turn every input—acorns, insects, grass—into large mounds of shit. I, Luke, have many inputs—multiple degrees, 10+ years experience, every West Wing episode memorized—yet I produce nothing but shit.

For Résumé, Desconstructed, I’ve glued various copies of rejected résumés and cover letters to a white canvas upon which I’ve dropped a steaming heap of… well, feral pig shit. It represents my value to society.

Hire me at your own peril. I will be an invasive species that produces a lot of shit.

Submission #2: Wenchao Ping

Background: Ph.D., Biogeneticis; President of the Anne Hathaway Fan Club

Medium: Stem cells

Featured Work: Anne Clone-32


I was only 9 years old and had just finished watching The Princess Diaries. The credits were rolling. The ion pumps pulsed through the voltage gradients in my neurons. And as clear as day, there it was before me: my life’s purpose…

I had to clone Anne Hathaway.

After bribing her dermatologist for over a year, I finally collected enough stem cells to build my very own, precious Anne Clone. But after a week, she melted into a primordial soup.

It actually took hundreds of bribe payments and 31 Anne Clone funerals, but finally, standing before you is the culmination of my life’s work, Anne Clone-32.

It’s an immaculate clone of Anne Hathaway down to the last double helix. Anne Clone-32 even has the trademark flatulence of the Hathaway gene pool, as you will surely smell.

Please note: You may interact with Anne Clone-32, but you may not touch Anne Clone-32 as she is not your Anne Clone. She is my Anne Clone.

Submission #3: Jimmy McDougall

Background: Sixth grader at Austin High

Medium: Food waste

Featured Work: “Quitting Cold Turkey”


I drew a turkey because that’s the only thing I learned in art class this year. The other art classes I skipped because I was vaping Juuls in the bathroom with Duane and Mike. But I got too many demerits and got kicked off the football team. So now I’m quitting vaping cold turkey.

To prove that I’m actually quitting the vape life and also to not fail sixth grade art, I created something that shows how hard it is to not vape—a turkey that’s cold made from cold turkey.

I traced my hand on construction paper just like Ms. Campbell taught me and glued turkey scraps from those disgusting sandwiches my Mom packs me every day. I want a peanut butter and jelly FOR ONCE, Mom! GOD! JUST GIVE ME WHAT I WANT SO MY HEAD STOPS POUNDING!

Jared Hutchinson

Jared Hutchinson thanks you for letting him be Mice Elf for once.

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