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Even if we still don’t have the flying skateboards that we were promised, technology has made major strides in the last 10 years. Our pockets contain supercomputers and our sweatshirts have never been comfier. But let’s delve deeper into how some of the lesser essential industries that have majorly evolved.

10. Oreos

Ten years ago, we had two options: Oreos or not Oreos. Then they added Double Stuf. Then Nabisco got buck wild with their fillings, offering everything from mint and peanut butter to banana split and candy corn. Still no cure for cancer, but it’s a little easier not to cry about it when you can crush a sleeve of Cinnamon Bun Oreos.

9. I-95 Corridor Buses

We used to have a daunting set of Chinatown bus options from D.C. to New York, with myriad smells, and an array of unavailable perks. Since then, BoltBus and MegaBus have disrupted the discomfort industry by offering adequate seats and occasional WiFi!!

8. Music sales

Remember CDs? Even mp3s feel quaint now. Who would have thought that neither would be important to the music industry in 2019? If they were handing out a free CD of your favorite band, would you even accept it? Where would you play it? In a few years you won’t even be able to quiz someone on whether or not they actually like the band on their t-shirt by asking them to name three songs off their album.

7. Butts

Have you seen the butts out there these days? They are great! All genders, kudos to you all! Keep up the good work everybody! And it makes perfect sense too. The availability and proliferation of exercise equipment, the advances in modern cosmetic surgery, the invention of Nicki Minaj, and the success of Lululemon are all key contributors. And while we’re here…

6. Toilets

Now, I haven’t used any of these new fangled toilet seat technologies, but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge them and all of their features.

Moving on…

5. Board Games

It’s hard to know if any of our modern board games will ever be all-time classics like Monopoly, Risk, or Sorry!, but it’s actually hard to find a new board game that isn’t fun. And by the time you are ready to play another round of the hottest new game on the market, there are three new games to take its place.

4. Socks

Another product that went from offering very little (white, black, tall, short) to providing so much more. We now have many colorways, fabrics, and heights—and they even make socks that look like you aren’t wearing socks! There are toe socks, and compression socks, and some socks even have pictures on them! Have you tried Bombas or Stance? Like plush pillows for your weary feet. Getting socks for your birthday used to be a threat, now it actually isn’t so bad!

3. Instagram

In a world where pretty much every social media platform is a necessary evil, Instagram feels like an oasis. Sure it’s full of bots and bullies and harassers just like the rest of them, and I know it amplifies fake perfect lives, but at least The ‘Gram makes your pictures look dope. Instagram debuted in 2010, and 9 years later, it is the best way to stay up to date with you friends without actually having to talk to them.

2. Seltzer

You might have thought that the SodaStream revolution of the last decade would be the high bubbly water mark for seltzer, but the recent LaCroix revolution set the table for the current alcoholic seltzer craze. Seltzer hasn’t been this fun since The Three Stooges were spraying each other with it.

1. LeBron James

It was the summer of 2010 when LeBron James went from plucky Cleveland star to devious Miami ringchaser. With one ill-advised televised special, LeBron became enemy number one, breaking up with the Cavs for the whole world to see. Over 10 years, LeBron matured, found some humility, won two titles with the Heat, returned to Cleveland and won another title there, and now is a Laker. All the while, he’s been an advocate for equality, a champion of women’s basketball, and a pumped up basketball dad for a future NBA player.

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