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The Prompt NFL Power Rankings: Week 2 – Looking Good, Feeling Good

NFL. POWER. RANKINGS. We’re only in Week 2, but already a star is born. And now, on the main stage, Kareeeeeem Huuuuuuunt!

Mike Stiriti
September 20, 2017
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Alone at the Tailgate: A Man with No College Football Team

Saturdays may be “for the boys,” but mostly, they’re for college football. So what does one of “the boys” do when he has no team to root for?

Josh Bard
September 15, 2017
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The Prompt NFL Power Rankings: Week 1 – The Commish

Did you miss football? Did you miss Mike? Well, both are back, and as violent and brain trauma-inducing as ever. Week 1 NFL Power Rankings. Get some.

Mike Stiriti
September 12, 2017
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Displaced Loyalty: Sloane vs. Venus and the Future of American Tennis

Sloane Stephens won a clean, decisive US Open Final. But the semifinal match against Venus Williams had me torn—root for the legend or the legacy?

Monica McNutt
September 11, 2017
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They’re Taking Our Jobs! The National {Robot} Football League

Are you ready for some football? No, not you Tom Brady. I’m talking about robots. The kind that can’t tear ACLs or wind up with CTE. Is this the future?

Erin Vail
September 7, 2017
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Fantasy Football Fantasies: Acing Your 2017 Fantasy League

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FANTASY FOOTBALL? It’s hard to get ahead these days, but Josh has some novel advice to help you win your league.

Josh Bard
September 5, 2017
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Team Mac: {Rivalries} and the Legacy of Tracy McGrady

Who was the toughest competitor Kobe ever faced? Tracy McGrady.In the great sports rivalries, here’s to an unsung hero who deserves more respect.

Jesse Stone
August 9, 2017
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Mineirazo: Brazil’s Game of Shame, 3 Years Later

Brazil’s 7-1 loss in the 2016 FIFA World Cup semifinal left a long-lasting impression on the country. Finding soccer redemption after Mineirazo.

Gavin Lippman
August 2, 2017
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Stick to Sports! When Athletes Tackle Issues Outside the {Comfort Zone}

It’s easy to be a hero when you’re winning on the field, court, ice, or track. But some athletes go even further, taking a stand for what they believe.

MK McWeeney
July 21, 2017
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