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go neg yourself
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Go Neg Yourself! The Top 20 Ways to Reject a Compliment

“You look so cute today!” Girl, it’s hard to accept a compliment. Here are 20 effective ways to reject, ignore, and negate them before it gets awkward.

Jillian Conochan
April 24, 2017
week 8 collage
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The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions—Week 8 MVPs

Someone in the Nicole-Laurel-Cara Maria love triangle catches feelings. Camilanator comes out full force. And Bananas shuts up? A WEEK LIKE NONE OTHER!

The Prompt Staff
March 30, 2017
bitmoji collage
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Bitmoji: The {Self-Portrait} of the Millennial Generation

Van Gogh. Picasso. Rousseau. Kahlo. And you. Self-portraits used to be incredible achievements of art. But now, you’re part of the art club. Thanks Bitmoji.

Jack O'Shea
March 24, 2017
episode 7
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The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions—Week 7 MVPs

These Underdogs are showing some serious weakness right now. They puke more. They whine more. And now the infighting threatens to break them apart.

The Prompt Staff
March 23, 2017
infographic timeline self portrait
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INFOGRAPHIC TIMELINE: Important Moments in {Self-Portrait History}

Self-portraits have existed since cavemen first scrawled on cave walls. This illustrated guide takes you from painting to portraits to the fall of man.

Scott Snowman
March 17, 2017
the challenge champs
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The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions—Week 6 MVPs

In the best week so far, the Champs show why they’re on top even during elimination. Cara Maria vs. Ashley K, Darrell vs. Zach, and Bananas vs. Brainless.

The Prompt Staff
March 16, 2017
tom cruise scientology
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Tom Cruise’s {Self-Portrait}: A Day in the Life of the Weirdest Guy in Hollywood

Hour by hour, what’s a day in the life of Tom Cruise? His publicist doesn’t REALLY want him to tell you. A strange man tells his even stranger story.

Erin Vail
March 15, 2017
jenna and zach
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The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions—Week 5 MVPs

Bananas is stirring the pot again. Jenna is falling for Zach again. If old habits die hard, then who are THE CHALLENGE week 5 MVPs?

The Prompt Staff
March 9, 2017
weird week collage
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That’s Debatable Podcast: Forget It Warren, It’s Moonlight (Episode 28)

What a weird week. Russian contacts! Sessions recusal! Wiretap madness! BONUS: FOTP Jeff Sneider gives the inside scoop on Oscars Best Picture mayhem.

That's Debatable
March 8, 2017
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