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A snowclone is a type of “phrasal template” that contains enough recognizable elements that a word substitution results in someone picking up what you’re putting down. Think  blank  is the new black, or “we’re gonna need a bigger  blank .”

The latest snowclone swirling around Twitter comes to us from @DoorHinge9:


And because miniprompts are just microdosing actual writing (thanks, @DennyXmas), we’ve sourced our best in lieu of writing anything, you know, of journalistic integrity.


Sarah Razner

The television show Scandal is just microdosing real-life American politics.

Eric Mochnacz

Serving yourself a bowl of Kraft Mac and Cheese is just microdosing eating the whole pot.

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N. Alysha Lewis

Writing confessional poetry is just microdosing talk therapy.

Josh Bard

Making a salad is just microdosing deforestation.

Jillian Conochan

Timothee Chalamet is just microdosing Kristen Stewart.

Confused Kristen Stewart GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Michael Maiello

Voting is just microdosing the guillotine.

Dennis William

Thanksgiving with your extended family is just microdosing the comment section. Or is it the other way around?

Sam Hedenberg

Hard seltzer is just microdosing Four Loko.

Kelaine Conochan

Picking your nose is just microdosing a lobotomy.

Jesse Stone

Counting to large numbers is just microdosing infinity.

Confused Rooster Teeth GIF by Achievement Hunter - Find & Share on GIPHY

Eric Mochnacz

Eating a cauliflower substitute for anything is just microdosing regret.

Jennifer Racusin

Getting a pet is microdosing parenting.

If you didn’t already know, @thepromptmag is just microdosing Twitter’s #WritingCommunity. Get in touch with your best snowclone!

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