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Beware of the ones doing something


Or everything,



Anyone can see the second step

⏤and the third.

Anyone can move once there’s motion

Anyone can act once there’s acting


The ones who aren’t afraid to take

the first step,

the most difficult, obvious step

right in the open,



Keep an eye on the ones⏤

who aren’t afraid.

The ones who have nothing,

The scrappy ones.

The ones who work hard all day⏤

with broken tools and an empty stomach

⏤and don’t speak a word of it.


Watch us.

The jokers.

Watch how we move,


Watch how we create,



We lunatics, who laugh at nothing⏤

and laugh at your “everything.”

The misfits.

The ones that’ll make something

out of that same thing

where you saw “nothing.”


We don’t fit in

—and we don’t try to—

we make our own shape.


The ones that find a way,

moments after the majority says, “There’s just no way.”

The ones that hear your excuses,

but don’t accept them.


Listen as the critics call them “lucky ones”

⏤then just watch as we

silently laugh at the thought

with a smirk,

a shit-eating grin.


Above luck.

because those ones who know⏤

Know that “luck” is the lazy word for “work”

Deep down⏤

they know.

But they only speak of it

to the other few

who know.


The small few⏤

Who know how to be grateful

even in despair.

Who know it’s cliché to only rejoice

in prosperity.


Be scared of the lunatics who smile while suffering,


We’re unchained.


Constantly thriving in the horrendous moment

you perpetually try to escape.


Be careful around those who

feel ecstasy in moments of uncertainty.


We’re fucking mental;

we’re insane.

Taking turns at speeds that show

we don’t care

if we see the other side of the corner⏤

or spin out in a wild catastrophe.


Beware of us

who have abandoned every world

except the one that we belong in.


We’re out here.



And if feels like we’re cheating,

as we change the world, and your mind.

Right in front of your petrified face.


Beware of the ones doing something


Or everything,


Billy Hafferty

Billy Hafferty is probably still hanging out of the passenger side of his best friend's ride trying to holler at you.

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