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Brian, the mailman

the FedEx guy (not the UPS guy —> unfriendly; listens to Classic Rock too loudly)

My cat Hoodie

Cheryl, who also works from home and would be the first person to discover if I didn’t show up for work

Brian Lehrer, esp. that time he read my tweet on-air

Alexa, Andres, Marcela (actual colleagues)

Fifth Harmony

the staff at Stay Gold coffee and juice bar

Matthew, 12, who comes around asking for my husband to fix his bike

cicadas (July through September)

Amy (2005-2016, retired)

This post is inspired by the “Incomplete and Growing List” collection, written by The Prompt’s own Zach Straus.

Jillian Conochan

Jillian Conochan is a professional amateur; writing and editing just happen to be two current pursuits. Opinion range: strong to DNGAF.

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