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We go live, now, to Adam Schefter, who has been plugged in all day, reporting on the potential Halloween candy trade market. Adam what are you hearing and seeing out there? 

Thanks, Scott. We’ve had a flurry of activity tonight, as soon as the negotiating window opened. While we haven’t had that blockbuster move yet, let’s talk about what is happening around the country.

Some of the first trade action happened in Philly.

I heard from a mother who watched her sons pull off a sizable deal. The older brother sent away a full size Sour Patch Kids and a fun size Milky Way for four Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Mom wasn’t sure if there were other parts of this trade but assumed the sides were still ironing out the finalized details, because her younger son quote, “wasnt that dumb.”

Obviously the mother couldn’t speak on the record because the deal hadn’t been finalized.

In Tampa we actually had a pretty interesting three-way deal shake out.

I’m being told that three best friends made a deal revolving around some shaky medical issues. Makenzie sent Milk Duds and Laffy Taffy to Diana because they get stuck in her braces. Diana flipped the Laffy Taffy and some Sweet Tarts to Lizzy, who has a peanut allergy, and sent a Nutrageous back to Diana, and two Almond Joys back to Makenzie. If you ask me, Lizzy is giving up too much in this one, but the Almond Joys were always a bad fit there.

Adam, can I ask you, any King Size deals you’ve seen?

Everyone wants to know about the King Size deals, don’t they, Scott?

So far the only move I’ve seen is a King Size 3 Musketeers traded for a regular M&M’S pack and a fun size Charleston Chew. Overall, the market seems to be overly saturated with 3 Musketeers right now, but that seems to be the case every year.

Whereas 3 Musketeers may be having another tough season, we have also seen more sours than ever before. Yet, it hasn’t lowered their value. It’s been a busy night for those trying to acquire worms and straws, which were more scarce than bears and Skittles.

Adam, what about one trade that you think we’ll remember later this year, for better or worse?

Yeah, a trade in Nashville stands out to me.

I was surprised to see it but a relatively new trick-or-treater traded a small box of Junior Mints and two small Crunch Bars to a neighbor for a package of Oreos. First, I did not think Oreos would be made available tonight, but also, you have to wonder about how long the Oreos have left. They weren’t even double-stuffed. Junior Mints and Crunch absolutely can still be a factor in December and January, while Oreo is a short-term acquisition and consumption.

Oooh, I am getting word out of Cleveland about that blockbuster we were waiting for.

This deal, as I understand it, is a full size Twix, and two fun size Twix, for a full size Snickers and two fun size Snickers. It’s hard to determine an immediate winner or loser, as this is clearly a mutually beneficial deal between two different philosophies.

I am going to get back on the phones and will have more to report in the coming hours, as the Central and Mountain Time Zone kids return home, take inventory, and field offers.

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