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Thanks Obama.


For stabilizing the American economy after the biggest recession since the Great Depression. For a record 75 consecutive months of job growth. For affordable healthcare. For signing the Paris Accords. For authorizing the mission that brought American justice to Osama bin Laden.

For bringing Michelle into our lives. For giving us more Uncle Joe. For a presidency free of scandal and full of hope.

The Thanks Obama prompt actually came in as a request from loyal reader Bradley Bennett. And our team was psyched to respond to it.

As President Obama’s term concludes, our writers have the opportunity to share thoughts, feelings, and gratitude to a man who held the office with dignity and class. Some of the submissions are fun or silly. Others are heartfelt or heart wrenching. All of them show gratitude.

And whether you’re a Democrat, Republican, or something closer to the means or extremes, the contrast between Barack Obama and his successor is beyond jarring. It’s downright insulting. Donald Trump, with his golden toilet (fetishes), teeming anger, reactive tweeting, racist and hateful invective, and unearned bravado, is the anti-Obama. And this time, that’s not just his public message.

So this week, stay tuned for a variety of submissions for Thanks Obama. And if you’re feeling courageous or so moved, draft 400-700 words of your own, thanking POTUS for his service or for how he has impacted you, and send them to kelaine.conochan [at] We’ll feature the best submissions, from every shade of the political spectrum.

And one more time, as loud as you can, sing along with your boy Jeezy:

*Thank you to our loyal reader Bradley Bennett for submitting this prompt. #ThanksBradley

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