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Ever find yourself drawn to someone and you don’t know why? It’s not a friendship. It’s certainly not a romance. But there’s an almost literal magnetism that acts upon you. In one way, you can’t help but be attracted to them. But there’s a force that also pushes you away, keeps you at a distance. You can’t risk getting too close.

Everyone has a rival. Who is yours?

Is it someone whose life—perfect body, great house, boujee vacation Instagram pics—makes you so envious you want to break her stupid ugly face?

Is it someone who brings out the best competitor in you?

Is it your arch nemesis, the person you hate most in this world?

Or maybe, is it the person you love most in this world?

It’s Rivalry Week at The Prompt. And we want to hear from you.

We’re looking for 400-700 word submissions from our readers using the #RIVALS writing prompt.

Write to us about a memorable rivalry. It can be a personal essay, a poem, short story, script, or anything else original and fresh that inspires you to write.

Email your responses to by Friday August 11th at midnight EDT. I’d suggest you do it now because your rival already started. You don’t want to be outdone, do you?

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