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Each week, we issue a writing prompt to our own staff, guest contributors, and readers like you. We welcome guest submissions, so if you’re interested in being featured or regularly contributing to the site, email your responses to kelaine.conochan [at]

Here’s an unconventional little quiz about pop culture. Let’s see how you do. NO PEEKING.

  1. Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is _ _ _.
  2. Hi, my name is WHAT? My name is WHO? My name is sicka-sicka _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _ _.
  3. My name is _ _ _ _; I live on the second floor.
  4. MY NAME IS _ _ _…    _ _ _    _ _ _ _! Bawitdaba da bang da bang diggy diggy diggy.

Now, before we get to the answer key, let’s rewind. Let us actually introduce ourselves. We are the many creative voices and writers of The Prompt magazine. And though you know us—probably personally at this stage because we’re really just getting started—maybe you don’t know much about our story, or what we do.

Last April, a group of about 10 creative minds sat down in a living room. Some sat on the couch, some on the floor, and some on IKEA chairs around a green table. We talked about why we write, why we even like to write, why we haven’t been more public or prolific with our writing. Then we talked about what stands in our way.

I lose focus.

I sometimes suffer from lack of inspiration.

I’m not really sure what to write about.

I have nothing to say.

Wait, so that’s not just me? That’s literally everybody? Every single writer? SHIT.

And that’s when it happened. We created a magazine that would take care of that problem. If you didn’t have something to write about, OH WE’LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO WRITE ABOUT.

And what did we call this fine little magazine? Well, what would you call a magazine that provides a weekly catalyst for your creativity?

Hi, our name is The Prompt. And we’re looking for new voices. What’s your name? Want to see it published?

If so, just send us your original take on the Hi My Name Is writing prompt. You can send us anything! A personal essay, a poem, an article, a humorous piece. Just write something. Anything. And if it’s good, we’ll publish it.


1. HOV. 2. Slim Shady. 3. Luka. 4. Kid Rock.

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