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You know the gesture, right? Offering a free meal in exchange for something… your ideas, your silence, your agreement to something you’d honestly rather not.

As the saying goes, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Because it feels like there’s always a catch, right?

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Or maybe you’ve also been grinding and grinding away at your desk, skipping meals or only stepping away for a few minutes to fix your meal before sitting back down and working again. You know, that’s not exactly healthy. There needs to be some more work-life balance. Even if you can’t get a free lunch, you deserve a free lunch. Jah feel?

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Don’t get too excited because no, we’re not buying. No, we’re not offering. There is NOT a platter of sandwiches in the conference room on the third floor. But we ARE giving you a chance to flex your creative ideas, turn them into something fun.

This Week’s Writing Prompt: FREE LUNCH

This week, we’re looking for new original pieces, using FREE LUNCH as our prompt.

If you’ve got an inspired ideas about how to respond to this week’s prompt, send us your submission of 400-700 words. Write us anything that comes to mind when you think of FREE LUNCH. It can be a personal essay, a poem, short story, script, or anything else original and fresh. Ironic or sincere, real or imagined—just make it worth our while and we’ll publish it, include it in our newsletter, and give you the chance to join the creative, talented staff writers here at The Prompt.

Email your responses to by Friday October 8th at midnight EDT.

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