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Each week, we issue a writing prompt to our own staff, guest contributors, and readers like you. We welcome guest submissions, so if you’re interested in being featured or regularly contributing to the site, email your responses to kelaine.conochan [at]

And suddenly, it was fall.

We didn’t see a gradual change in temperatures and weather—it happened overnight, almost literally. And with the welcoming of autumn, we also welcome one of its most beautiful gifts. The leaves change color to radiant shades of red and yellow and orange, practically glowing in the treetops.

So, let’s celebrate the beauty of the fall the best way we know how. Let’s write about it.

This week’s prompt: Foliage.

If you want to join our community of creative dipshits here on the internet, we’re accepting submissions for our FOLIAGE prompt. You can write anything you want using FOLIAGE as your catalyst: a personal essay, a satirical piece, a poem, a script, a short story. Just write a 400-700 word original piece and if it’s good, we’ll publish it and invite you join the crew.

Email your responses to by Tuesday, October 23rd at midnight EST.

Can’t wait to read what falls from your boughs.

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