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Each week, we issue a writing prompt to our own staff, guest contributors, and readers like you. We welcome guest submissions, so if you’re interested in being featured or regularly contributing to the site, email your responses to kelaine.conochan [at]

There’s gotta be someone in your life. Someone who did something wrong to you. Or maybe, someone who did something amazing for you. It could be someone you know well or someone whose name you never even got the chance to know. But there’s someone out there. And for whatever reason, you never got—or took—the chance to tell them something important.

Now’s your chance.

This Week’s Writing Prompt: Dear [BLANK]

Looking for something to write about? This week, we’re looking for new posts (and new writers) using the prompt of Dear [BLANK].

What we’re looking for is a letter to a person—real or imagined—with some kind of message from you. It could be an invitation. It could be a note to say thank you or f*ck you. It could be anything, really. It just needs to be your own original work.

If you’ve got an inspired ideas about how to respond to this week’s prompt, send us your submission of 400-700 words. Write us anything that comes to mind when you think of Dear [BLANK]. It can be a personal essay, a poem, short story, script, or anything else original and fresh. Just make it worth our while and we’ll publish it, include it in our newsletter, and give you the chance to join the creative, talented staff writers here at The Prompt.

Email your responses to by Sunday, January 26th at midnight EST.

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