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Each week, we issue a writing prompt to our own staff, guest contributors, and readers like you. We welcome guest submissions, so if you’re interested in being featured or regularly contributing to the site, email your responses to kelaine.conochan [at]

We’ve been running some calculations and computations. We’ve established a formula. An equation.

We’ve established some rules. Mapped out a process. Crunched the numbers.

And if the infinite monkey theorem holds that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type the complete works of William Shakespeare, then you—yes, YOU—can surely pen something worth publishing. It’s pretty much science.

An algorithm, if you will.

And we sure hope you will. Now’s your chance. Start writing.

This Week’s Writing Prompt: ALGORITHM

This week, we’re looking for new original pieces, using ALGORITHM as our prompt.

If you’ve got an inspired ideas about how to respond to this week’s prompt, send us your submission of 400-700 words. Write us anything that comes to mind when you think of ALGORITHM. It can be a personal essay, a poem, short story, script, or anything else original and fresh. Ironic or sincere, real or imagined—just make it worth our while and we’ll publish it, include it in our newsletter, and give you the chance to join the creative, talented staff writers here at The Prompt.

Email your responses to by Friday May 20th at midnight EST.

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