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A lot of thought and no thought at all have simultaneously been put into these potential questions and dares. The individuals aren’t aware of these nicknames since they have been activated mostly for my own amusement. TRIGGER WARNING: sexual assault.



Truth: How many years did you keep both of us in the wings without knowing?

Dare: I dare you to step outside of your own world at least once a day.



Truth: Could you have stayed with me if I weren’t sick? Would you have wanted to?

Dare: I dare you to come back into our lives for one night, listen to The Shins, drink too much, and have a good time.


Road Rage

Truth: Do you hate yourself for how severely you abandoned me?

Dare: I dare you to come out of the closet and stop abusing women.



Truth: At what point did I make you mad enough to try to rape me?

Dare: I dare you to admit to yourself that I never owed you anything, especially my body.



Truth: At what point in our relationship did you start to resent me more than you loved me?

Dare: I dare you to be unendingly honest, forever.



Truth: At what point in our brutally honest relationship did you get the impression that I would tolerate the games you played?

Dare: I dare you to set your pride aside and be vulnerable.



Truth: Did you try to kill the two of us because you couldn’t help it or because you wanted to?

Dare: I dare you to live unselfishly and love unconditionally.

Jacqueline Frasca

Jacqueline Frasca is the editor-in-chief of East Coast Ink literary magazine. A poet from Boston, her friends often call her "Forest Witch."

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