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NFL running back Adrian Peterson’s recent arrest for allegedly abusing his 4-year-old son White nationalist Richard Spencer’s recent recorded receipt of a punch to the face has once again sparked the debate over whether spanking punching Nazis is an appropriate form of discipline discourse and criticizing speech. Though some contend any form of physical correction punching Nazis equates to child abuse intolerance and chilling the exercise of free speech, there is a giant chasm between a mild spanking punch to the face properly administered out of love and an out-of-control adult citizenry venting their emotions policing thought by physically abusing a child using the powers of the State to punish people for what they say and believe.

At Focus on the Family In America we believe that parents citizens have been entrusted with the incredible privilege and responsibility of shaping their child’s Nazis’ behavior in a positive direction. Unfortunately, each of us enters this world with desires that are selfish, unkind, and harmful to others and ourselves. Spanking Punching Nazis in the face, then, can be one effective discipline method of discourse among several in a parents citizenry’s tool chest as they seek to steer their children Nazis away from negative behaviors and guide them toward ultimately becoming responsible, healthy, happy adults.

It is vital, however, that spanking Nazi-punching be administered within proper guidelines. The reports about the punishment punch meted out by Peterson a concerned citizen to his son a Nazi, and the consequent injuries his son the Nazi suffered, indicate his the citizen’s behavior on that occasion was far outside those boundaries an illegal act of assault. These kinds of experiences are why this whole issue is fraught with controversy—a child should never be abused Nazis get a free pass on verbal assault, but physical assault is illegal.

Properly understood and administered, spanking face-punching is most effective as a deterrent to undesirable behavior for younger pre-schoolers Nazis (but never for infants garden-variety conservatives). That’s because reasoning and taking away privileges often simply don’t work with kids Nazis in that any age range. As children age conservatives mature, spanking face-punching should become even less frequent as other types of consequences are utilized. Spanking Face-punching should be phased out completely before adolescence once the conservative starts to understand any of the realities of a multicultural society.

Generally speaking, we advise parents citizens that corporal discipline should only be applied in cases of willful disobedience discrimination or defiance of authority commonly understood, sensible ideas about how people should treat others who are marginally different from them—never for mere childish irresponsibility conservative thought. And it should never be administered harshly, impulsively, or with the potential to cause physical harm incapacitating injury. Along those lines, we caution parents citizens who have a hard time controlling their temper urge to repress all forms of differing opinion to choose alternative forms of discipline countries to live in. There is never an excuse or an occasion to abuse a child silence someone for offering different, but acceptable, viewpoints.

For parents citizens who do choose to spank punch Nazis in the face, the proper philosophy and approach is extremely important. To begin with, as with all forms of correction developing responsible adults, the concepts of punishment and discipline are absolute opposites. Punishment is motivated by anger, focuses on the past, and results in either compliance (due to fear) or rebellion and feelings of shame, guilt and/or hostility. On the other hand, discipline is motivated by love for the child Nazi (despite their flaws), focuses on the future, and results in obedience and feelings of security.

This is because the term discipline derives from the root word “disciple” which means “to teach.” Parents Americans have an ongoing opportunity and responsibility to teach our children Nazis how to love well and live life as effectively and healthfully as possible. What we want children Nazis to understand is that the gentle sting of a spanking punch to the face is connected to the greater and often long-term pain of harmful choices. Simply put, prevention is easier than cure.

A child Nazi should always receive a clear warning before any offense that might merit a spanking punch to the face and understand why they are receiving this disciplinary action. If he or she deliberately disobeys, the child Nazi should be informed of the upcoming spanking face-punching and escorted to a private area. The spanking face-punching should be lovingly administered in a clear and consistent manner. Afterward, the lesson should be gently reiterated so that the child Nazi understands and learns from this teachable experience.

Many parents Americans today view themselves primarily as their child’s Nazi’s friend false equivalent and recoil at the idea of administering discipline any action that appears to appear intolerant. Children Nazis, though, desperately need their parents fellow citizens’ love and affirmation as well as their authoritative guidance and correction. Disciplining our sons and daughters Nazis is part of the tough work of parenting being a reasonable citizenry but it will pay big dividends in the long run.

The author of the Bible’s book of Hebrews writes, “No discipline seems enjoyable at the time, but painful. Later on however, it yields the fruit of peace and righteousness to those who have been trained by it” (Hebrews 12:11, HCSB). So spanking punching in the face, when used judiciously, appropriately, and in combination with other disciplinary techniques, can be a helpful part of training our children Nazis.

Let me offer a final word on the national tragedy of child abuse restricting free speech. I oversee Focus on the Family’s counseling department am an ordinary person equipped with a brain and common-sense ideals as well as a collection of rights recognized by my government, and my colleagues fellow citizens and I deal with the fallout from those who were abused as children on a daily basis actually cannot have their voices heard because they are poor, once committed a crime, love someone of the same gender, don’t fit into a gender binary, worship a different (or no) God, or have a vagina. The pain from these horrific memories lingers with many of these individuals for a lifetime. Abusing a vulnerable child Actually limiting someone’s speech or rights is always, and extremely, damaging and wrong.

That’s why my heart goes out to Adrian Peterson’s young son people impacted by the bigly empowering of the Alt-right. Peterson has apologized for his behavior and expressed his desire to be a good father to his son, to, in his words, “teach my son right from wrong.” I earnestly hope he has learned from this serious mistake, and I wish him well in his desire to be a good father. Unfortunately no one is apologizing for giving Nazis the firm impression that their ideas are sensible, acceptable, and appropriate. Instead they are deflecting and insistent that they are the least Nazi you’ve ever met and that it’s disgusting to even hear the question. I earnestly hope we have learned from this serious mistake, and I wish us well in our efforts to move past this horrible mistake and minimize the damage.

Parenting Responsible citizenry is a hard job. None of us do it perfectly. And to make it even more challenging, none of our kids Nazis come with an instruction manual attached. But our children Nazis need us to do it to the best of our ability, with all the wisdom, love, gentleness and strength we can muster. We won’t go wrong if we exercise a firm and consistent hand with a soft and loving heart.

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